Disney CEO Bob Iger Is OBSESSED with the “T-Word” — Here’s What It Means

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Disney CEO Bob Iger over the many years he’s been at the company, it’s that he loves a good buzzword.

Cinderella Castle!

He’s said the company has been “bullish” about a great number of things in the past, but now it seems as though Iger has a new favorite word — and we’re breaking down what it means.

The Walt Disney Company held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders on April 3rd, 2024, where we learned that shareholders had voted to approve Disney’s slate of board nominees, defeating activist investor Nelson Peltz from his attempted takeover. But, it’s what CEO Bob Iger said after the vote that really interests us.


Let’s go back to Disney’s Q4 earnings call from fiscal year 2023, when Iger laid out the company’s four main priorities over the next several years. These goals include a focus on streaming profitability, ESPN changes, improving output at Disney’s movie studios, and “turbocharging” growth in the Disney Experiences business.

Animal Kingdom

We’ve already seen Disney discuss $1.9 BILLION expansion plans for Disneyland Resort (with the DisneylandForward project), tease potential expansions at Magic Kingdomdiscuss re-theming for DinoLand U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and talk about a commitment to spending $60 BILLION in Experiences over the next 10 years.


It’s this “turbocharging” of the business that Iger can’t seem to stop talking about. During the 2024 shareholder meeting, he used the word during the question-and-answer part of the presentation, and we later saw it used on more announcements Disney shared later that day.

When discussing Disney’s plans, Iger said we were in for a “tremendous turbocharge.”


Disney also used the word in the description for its latest series’ trailer. We Call It Imagineering is out on Disney+ now, and Disney said the show is “Inspired by how Walt took us along during the development of Disneyland, this new series brings you into the creative and design journey as we turbocharge our Disney Experiences. We can’t wait to bring you along as Disney Imagineers create these innovative new experiences for the next decade and beyond!”

China Pavilion at EPCOT

What gives, Disney? It seems like the $60 billion investment could be the “turbocharging” Iger can’t get enough of, and with what we know about the allocation of that money — we’re pretty darn excited.

Per a Disney SEC filing, we know 50% of the budget (roughly $30 billion) will go towards the Disney Parks and resorts, 30% (about $18 billion) to Tech and Maintenance, and 20%  (about $12 billion) will go towards the Disney Cruise Line and non-specified entertainment.

Hey, Mickey!

Iger explained that some of that money has been put on a sort of “reserve” for Disney to decide what to do with later. For example, let’s say that five years down the road Disney has another massive box-office success and wants to add something with that intellectual property to the parks — part of this money would be used to do it.


Stay tuned to AllEars as we keep you updated on all the ways Disney will be “turbocharging” growth in the experiences business and the latest news!

Will Disney Be Successful in Accomplishing These Four Priorities? 

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