Disney Reveals CONCEPT ART for Potential NEW Theme Park Land

Disney has big plans for its theme parks: in 2023, the company announced it had plans to spend a whopping $60 billion on theme park expansion projects. Some of that money will be spent on Disneyland. Currently, Disney is working with the City of Anaheim on Disneyland Forward, an initiative that would help Disney re-designate some of its land in the city for things like hotels, shopping, and new lands and rides.

Pandora in Disney World

Well, Disney CEO Bob Iger has mentioned bringing the world of Avatar to Disneyland for a while, and now we have concept art of what that world might look like.

During Disney’s 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, Iger spoke about bringing all-new Avatar adventures to Disneyland where you could visit the world of Pandora. He then shared a FIRST LOOK at what this land might look like (although we have to point out he stressed that this was a “possible new Pandora.”)


As you can see, although it looks similar to Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Disney World, this land seems to take more inspiration from the most recent Avatar film: Avatar: The Way of Water. It seems like this could be a land with attractions, unlike the ones at Disney World.


Also, Imagineer Scott Trowbridge took to Instagram to comment on the potential project. After quoting Iger, he said, ” Yes…… we are……. Excited to share more in the future.”

Recently, after a six-hour meeting, the Anaheim Planning Commission approved the plan Disneyland put forward for DisneylandForward. Now, the Anaheim City Council is expected to vote on DisneylandForward on April 16th, 2024. If the city votes “yes,” we could get an official confirmation about this new Pandora land or attraction soon!

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