Experts Predict Disney World Will Build a FIFTH Park. What Could That Look Like?

With all the recent news around Universal Orlando’s new park Epic Universe opening in 2025, many experts and theme park fans have been wondering if Disney World will open a 5th park.

Celestial Park Overlook at Epic Universe

Disney has not confirmed at all if they’re planning to do a 5th park, but they’ve shared a lot of blue sky project ideas over the years, so we know they have a lot of plans for the near future. But if they choose to open a 5th park, what could that look like?

Now, we’d like to remind you before we begin that NONE of this is confirmed! We’ve just taken a look at what Disney has talked about in the past that they’d LIKE to do, and what other Disney parks around the world have done that seem to be working well.

A Villains Land

For years now, many Disney fans have shared their love of Disney Villains, and have expressed they’d love to see a villains land come to an existing park, or a new park.

Concept Art for Magic Kingdom

Disney has shared that one of their blue-sky ideas for the Magic Kingdom expansion happening behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is to add a villains area, but perhaps they’d hold off and decide to put a larger land in a whole new park. It would be similar to Epic Universe’s Dark Universe land, which many fans are very excited about.

Is a Villains Land Expansion Coming to Disney World?

A Percy Jackson/Camp Half Blood Land

Disney+ just finished releasing the first season of “Percy Jackson and The Olympians,” inspired by the series of the same name written by Rick Riordan. The first season did very well with numbers, and the viewers seemed to really enjoy it, so Disney has renewed it for a second season.


There are 5 books in the main series, along with a companion series called “The Heroes of Olympus” that also has 5 novels. If numbers were to stay up, it’s entirely possible Disney could build Camp Half Blood in a new Disney park, which would attract not only fans of the TV series, but all the fans of the original book series as well. In fact, the cast of Percy Jackson has already talked about how they’d love to have a park/area of a park dedicated to Camp Half Blood from the series, specifically quoting Aryan Simhadri saying, “They should definitely put out a ride, though. They should have one whole park, where there’s a part with camp half-blood and then the tunnel of love ride.”

CONFIRMED: “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Is Getting a Second Season!

International Disney Park Lands

The Disney parks all around the world have tons of different lands, attractions, and rides that we’re very jealous of here in the States, and it’s very likely Disney may replicate some of these lands working very well in other parks into a 5th Disney World park.

©Disney | Concept Art for Rapunzel’s Forest at Tokyo DisneySea

So what are some of these international lands that are working fantastically? Well, World of Frozen in Hong Kong Disneyland (and soon to be Disneyland Paris) is one example, and Disney has already mentioned that they’re taking inspiration from projects centered around Coco, Black PantherTangled, FrozenZootopiaPeter PanTron, and Toy Story. 

©Disney | Concept Art for Peter Pan’s Neverland at Tokyo DisneySea

Soon you’ll be able to find Tangled, Peter Pan, and Frozen themed lands coming to Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea, and Shanghai Disneyland opened their new Zootopia land in late 2023. Disney has also mentioned an interest in Coco-themed attractions, and that wouldn’t be a copy and paste of anywhere else, they’d be creating that from scratch!

Quincy and Emma went to Hong Kong to see the new World of Frozen, and you can watch their video about it right here:

Avengers Campus

Over in Disney California Adventure in Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, you can experience Avengers Campus, which is totally dedicated to Marvel and Marvel superheroes.

Avengers Campus

At this time, Disney World’s only Marvel ride is Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT, and to catch up with the other parks, Disney could choose to put a whole Marvel-themed land in a new 5th park. This is especially true since Marvel doesn’t seem to be slowing down with any of their stories soon, so it’s a growing franchise to this day.

Walt Disney World

Regardless of what Disney World plans to do, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the parks. While a 5th park hasn’t been announced, we do know that attractions like Country Bear Jamboree and Test Track are being reimagined soon, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is on its way in Disney World and Disneyland, and Dinoland U.S.A. is being replaced in Animal Kingdom.


There’s so much on the way and we’ll keep you updated with everything, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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What would you really want to see in Disney World’s 5th park? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Experts Predict Disney World Will Build a FIFTH Park. What Could That Look Like?”

  1. There are two things I would love to see: First: a second or expanded world showcase. So many countries and areas of the world are not represented now that should be. The Middle East, Africa, South America, Arctic and Antarctica just to name a few. There is so much more and incredibly rich histories to those places than you see on the news. Think of the possibilities.

    Second: I think Disney is missing a huge opportunity in not using the movie UP as a theme for an area of a park. The two ‘stars’, Russell and Mr. Fredrickson represent “non story book” characters. People who have suffered loss, are just trying to fit in, and who show that even the most unlikely people, a young boy from a single parent home and an old man embittered by the loss of his lifelong love, can find loyalty and a common purpose in life. It is one of, if not the best Disney movies of the last 30 years.

  2. My thought as a longtime Disney Fan is to forgo a new 5th Park and edit/update/expand the current 4 to make them as close to perfect as you can get, knowing perfection is impossible. MK-Update Tomorrowland; Re-theme Frontierland to some sort of southern setting that includes New Orleans, Nashville, Carolinas, etc; Extend the “new” Frontierland from Big Thunder in the other direction; and Build an amazing Villains Land (the only way the Br’er Characters see a return to the Park). Epcot-Complete the unfinished Pavilions such as the Spaceship Earth update(s); Figuring out the old Wonders of Life; giving Imagination the standing it deserves by giving it the Phantom Manor treatment; and adding a new World Showcase Country. HS-Expand the Muppets into the Star Tours/Indiana Jones Show area; and Add Pixar everywhere in the Disney Jr/Launch Bay area. AK-Build what was recently shown and figure out a new Avatar Attraction. This way Disney essentially relaunches all 4 Parks and creates new demand for each of them. I guess my only issue no matter which direction they go is that it will take a painstakingly insulting amount of “Disney Time” to complete. Think over 4 years just to build Tron…and that was a simple clone! I could go on.

  3. Disney could not mimic an Avengers campus at WDW due to the agreement Marvel had prior to the Disney acquisition with Universal. There is some IP that Universal did not use that Disney can use (Like Guardians of the Galaxy), but things Universal did use includes Avengers, Fantastic 4, Spider-Man, and X-Men so these are off limits at Disney. Even the single mural of Black Panther in one store at Universal reportedly keeps Black Panther and anything related to Wakanda off Disney property.

    I also cannot see a fifth gate at Disney. Most vacations to WDW last week or less. A fifth gate would likely mean those visiting WDW would still visit the same number of parks they do now. Basically, a fifth gate would decrease attendance at the other parks. Disney would be taking from themselves. Universal offering a third gate with Epic Universe has now transformed the resort to a week-long destination, and no longer a side trip for those going to Orlando primarily for a Disney trip.

    Expanding a couple of WDW parks, likely MK with the “beyond Big Thunder” announcement, and HS which desperately needs extra capacity, is most likely.