Jason Kelce Just Shared His Favorite Disney World Snack, and We Have Never Felt More Seen.

It is so refreshing to know that celebrities are just like you and me.

Magic Kingdom

We love hearing the inside scoop from celebrities when they go to Disney World. Whether it’s a reel posted on the Disney Park’s Instagram or something we heard right from the celeb themselves, it is so refreshing to hear that they are just like us in some ways. We just got a peek behind the curtain of Jason Kelce’s recent trip to Walt Disney World — and we have to say, we’ve never related to anything more.

In early February, Jason Kelce was in Orlando for the Pro Bowl and decided to make a pit stop at Disney World for some family fun. We don’t blame him — we would also take any opportunity we can to spend a day at the Most Magical Place on Earth (and we do).


While on this trip, Kelce had a few main goals. One was to make sure that his daughter, Wyatt, got to see Elsa. Lucky for us, in the newest episode of his podcast “New Heights,” he shares that his daughters DID get to see Elsa! He did mention that his daughters are still at the age where seeing characters is a little scary for them — but he made sure to add that it was a cute and funny moment overall.


We’re glad to hear that his main goal for the trip was achieved! However, we were more interested in seeing what he had to say about the food at Magic Kingdom…and we weren’t disappointed.


His co-host and brother, Travis Kelce, asked the question that most of us had been thinking since the moment we knew that Jason Kelce was going to Disney World — what was your FAVORITE SNACK?

Hello, Dole Whip!

Luckily, we weren’t disappointed with the answer. Jason listed off a whole list of things that he ate while at Magic Kingdom — A foot-long hot dog, a churro, Dole Whip, and most importantly…spring rolls. 

Pepperoni Spring Rolls

That’s right! Jason Kelce made his way over to the Adventureland Spring Roll cart and decided to dig in. He said it was one of the best snacks he had while he was at Disney World and that he could have easily eaten at least 18 of them (same). Our question is: Sauce or no sauce? Cheeseburger or Pepperoni pizza? We must know these things. 

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Kelce said a special thanks to his mom, Donna Kelce, for knowing to head right for the spring roll cart when they got there. He considers her to be a Disney World expert — and we’re more than happy to have her join that club.

Spring Roll Cart in Magic Kingdom

It’s nice to know that celebrities are just like us — and enjoy the same fried, crispy snacks. We’re keeping our eyes out for any and all Disney news, so keep checking in with us to see what we find next!

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What is your favorite snack at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below! 

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