REVIEW: We’re Obsessed With This $8 Universal Orlando Snack (And It’s Super Shareable!)

There’s a new snack item in Universal Orlando, so of course, we HAD to try it for ourselves!

Minion Land sign

We’ve seen several changes around Universal Orlando lately — new restaurants, a whole land under construction, and even testing delayed openings on several of their rides. However, we hope you’re ready because this new snack at a popular Universal Studios restaurant took us by surprise.

We were out spending a full day at Universal Studios recently and found ourselves getting a bit hungry around lunchtime. We didn’t want to stop too long, so we were in search of the perfect meal that wouldn’t take long to make or keep us tied down at a restaurant for long.

Minion Cafe

While browsing the Universal Orlando app, we ran across something we thought fit the bill!

Minion Cafe menu board

While Illuminations Minion Cafe is relatively new and just opened within the past few months, we couldn’t help but notice a small mobile order window situated right between its restaurant doors and the Freeze Ray Pops snack window.

Pickup Window

Even though both of those seemed like great options, we didn’t want to stop for too long AND we were looking for a more savory option rather than a sweet treat (which you can find at Freeze Ray Pops). That’s when we spotted the latest item — the El Macho Nacho Hat (and it’s available for mobile order pickup)! Feeling like this was a solid choice (and new, so naturally we needed to try it, right?) we placed our mobile order and waited for it to be ready.


It was only a matter of minutes when we clicked to tell the Team Members we were nearby and ready to have them prepare our snack.

Order up

It was just a short time after that when they were calling us up to the window to retrieve our hat filled with chips and guac.

We grabbed our El Macho Nacho Hat for $7.99. It’s a paper sombrero hat (think almost pressed cardboard) filled with crispy tortilla chips and a center cup of guacamole.

El Macho Nacho Hat

The premise of this meal is pretty simple as it’s just chips and dip, but the overall presentation is what sold us on this one. The chips were certainly crispy, and we found them to be run-of-the-mill without a bunch of unnecessary saltiness.

Lookin’ good

When we put the chip into the guac, though, that’s when the real magic began. The guac dip is pretty thick and has a herbaceous taste to it. The cut-up tomatoes that are mixed into it bring a juicier taste to help take the avocado taste down a bit. We think it could have used a bit more of a tangy lime flavor added to it, but we could see how that would be a problem if the guac got to be too runny for a mobile snack.

Time to dip

One feature we appreciated about this hat was the hidden handle. Underneath the hat, there’s a small cone towards the center that forms the hole where the cup of guac is held. For us, it doubled as a solid handle to keep the hat from toppling over during transport.

Guac overload

We could see this making a solid choice for a quick snack break while standing in a long line or something light and shareable to keep you fueled for the rest of your day in the park. The cup of guac isn’t huge, but your friends can make a circle around the hat and eat at all angles! The only thing we felt that could have made this even better was an option to choose a cheese (queso) option in addition to (or instead of) the guac. Other than that, our main complaint, if we had to nitpick, was the cup of guac was on the smaller side (the hole in the center was a bit misleading.)

Cup of guac

Overall, it was a great choice for what we were looking for and we can certainly see ourselves choosing this again, in the future. But, be warned, your friends may want to share this super quick snack with you since it’s so cheap and easy.

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What’s your favorite item you’ve ordered from Minion’s Cafe? Tell us in the comments below!

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