A SUPER Popular Souvenir in Magic Kingdom Is Officially SOLD OUT

It has been a very busy holiday week in the parks so far!

Christmas in Magic Kingdom

Every park has seen an increase in crowds, but Magic Kingdom, in particular, has been extra busy. It’s the most festive time of the year in the original Disney World park, and people have flocked to celebrate where all the magic is. We love seeing everyone celebrating with their loved ones! But with more people comes longer wait times and, sometimes, sold-out souvenirs.

This year, Disney released a gold, musical popcorn tin as part of their holiday souvenirs. They have been available around the parks and are very popular.

Musical Popcorn Bucket

They’re so popular, in fact, that Magic Kingdom has run out of them completely! There is not a single stand in Magic Kingdom that has them (that we could find, and we checked A LOT of stands). The Cast Members we talked to even said they would NOT be getting any more in stock. It’s a very sad day in Magic Kingdom.

It’s SOLD-OUT in Magic Kingdom!!

But never fear, we confirmed that they are still available in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (as of December 20th)! So if you want to get one of these festive tins, try stopping over in the wild animal park to find one. The Cast Members there assured us they still have quite a few.

Get one in Animal Kingdom before they’re gone!

These are really pretty popcorn buckets and it’s really neat that they’re musical. We also noticed that they hold a large amount of popcorn! If you’re hoping to get one, don’t delay — get over to Animal Kingdom, today!

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Please Help. We Can’t Stop Thinking About Disney’s Newest Popcorn Bucket.

Were you able to grab one of these festive buckets? Let us know in the comments!

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