The SECRET Disney World Shopping Hack You DON’T Know About🤫

‘Tis the season for shopping, and if you’re headed to Disney Springs, you’ll be in the PERFECT place to shop until you drop.

World of Disney in Disney Springs

Not only are there so many unique stores there, including one completely dedicated to Christmas, but there’s also World of Disney, which is one of the largest Disney stores in Disney World. That means that finding anything in World of Disney can be a lesson in frustration. However, there is a way to make getting around that store a lot easier.

If you’ve ever been to World of Disney, you know how confusing that store can be. It gets even trickier because merchandise often gets moved around. So you might have seen something somewhere during one trip, but then if you return later, it’s nowhere to be found because it’s been moved. This store is SO massive, too, that it’s easy to get lost.

It’s so easy to get lost in this store

Sometimes, we avoid going inside the store at all because it’s also overwhelming. BUT… there’s something NEW at the store that can help. We bravely ventured into World of Disney recently and noticed a brand new sign with a MAP of the store, laying out exactly where every section is located.

World of Disney map

We’re assuming that if things get moved around, Disney will change the map accordingly, but it’s so nice to have this to help us get around. Pro tip: take a photo of the sign so you can use it wherever you end up in the store!

We’ll keep an eye out for more Disney news, so check back with AllEars again soon.

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