I Thought I HATED This Disney World Hotel, But Then I Changed My Mind.

When it comes to Disney World hotels, we all have our favorites.

What’s your favorite Disney World hotel?

Whether it be proximity to your favorite park, theming, amenities, or perks, a lot can influence whether or not you want to return to a Disney World hotel. Sometimes, we finally give in to staying at a hotel that we’d been avoiding because in theory, it just doesn’t SOUND like it would be a great experience. However, when we finally stay there, we LOVE IT. This situation comes to mind with one hotel in particular…

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. Yep, that’s the hotel that we always thought we’d hate. It’s super far away from most of the parks, it doesn’t even have strong Disney theming (Well, unless you consider Mickey and horses to be super-themed), and it’s PRICEY. While all that may be true, we stayed there, and realized we were putting these things totally out of perspective.

Saratoga Springs

Yes, this resort is further out of the way from the parks. Wanna know what that means? That means you’re about to get the best sleep of your whole life. Well, at a Disney World resort. Seriously, we sleep so GOOD here. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, the pools are never crowded. It. Is. Heavenly.

Saratoga Springs Lobby

And, while it might be a bit of a distance away from the parks, it’s only a short, quick walk (or boat ride) away from Disney Springs. Yep, sounds like a winner for us.

Disney Springs

The lack of theming? Well, it’s actually filled with subtle nods to Disney, similar to the rest of the Deluxe Resorts. These subtle nods make for a more comfortable, relaxing experience, in our opinion, as we don’t find ourselves overwhelmed by details and flashy colors.


And yes, we DID say Deluxe Resort! Saratoga Springs might seem pricy, but it’s a Deluxe Resort with pricing that more so resembles a Moderate Resort. That means you might be able to PAY LESS to experience more perks like extended evening hours.

High Rock Springs pool at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Pool

So, it’s safe to say that we’ve changed our minds about this one. We love Saratoga Springs now, and we love it more each time we stay there. What do you say? Will you try it out?

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

We’ll continue to keep you updated with more Disney news, so make sure to follow along for more so that you’re always in the loop.

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One Reply to “I Thought I HATED This Disney World Hotel, But Then I Changed My Mind.”

  1. Great review of Saratoga Springs! We have been DVC members since 2004 and SS is our home resort. One of the nice things about SS is the distinct lower level of a Disney theme. We get ‘Disneyed’ all day everywhere, so it is nice to spend some of our trip at a spacious resort with very limited ‘Disney’ clutter. There are four pools throughout the complex and five bus stops for getting to and from the parks. Yes, you can walk to Disney Springs, and SS has two very much overlooked eateries. Artist’s Pallette is the best place for breakfast and light lunches. Down the hall is Turf Club. This is a medium priced restaurant (as Disney goes) with a great menu. We plan our trip meals scattered over the WDW complex, but we always come back to Turf Club for one of our meals.