NEWS: Disney CEO Bob Iger Comments on “Woke Agenda” Criticisms

It’s been approximately one year since Bob Iger returned as Disney’s CEO.

Disney CEO Bob Iger

However, things changed drastically in the two years that Iger wasn’t aboard Disney’s team of executives — both within the company and within the country’s political climate. Throughout the past couple of years, Disney has been accused many times of promoting the “woke agenda” via the films and organizations the company supports. While Iger commented on the accusations earlier in 2023, he has commented again.

One of Bob Iger’s main priorities for 2024, as stated in the final earnings call of fiscal 2023, was to bring creativity back into the production studios. Now, according to Alex Sherman (CNBC), Iger has furthered his comments regarding the direction of future films.

©Disney obtained via PRNewsWire

According to Sherman, Iger said that Disney creators have lost sight of what their jobs should be. Iger states that he purpose of their role is to first entertain, rather than to get a message across.

Magic Kingdom

He does add that storylines and films that are filled with “positive messages for the world” are a bonus, but should’t be the main focus of a film.

Magic Kingdom

He lamented that the issue got worse when he left as CEO in 2020 and Bob Chapek took over until 2022. During this time, films like Turning Red and Luca debuted, which caused quite the ruckus as the films seemed to subliminally take political stances.


As of 2023, though, Iger seeks to return Disney to an apolitical stance, apparently, at least as far as films go.


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6 Replies to “NEWS: Disney CEO Bob Iger Comments on “Woke Agenda” Criticisms”

  1. Very interesting with the news that the films that were perceived to have “subliminal messages” which Bob commented on are coming back to theaters early next year. Bob Iger is the king of trying to have his cake and eat it too.
    P.S. I’m not criticizing these films I just don’t like “corporate speak” for the sake of a headline and then doing whatever makes more money. Choose a lane.

  2. Being “woke” means being accepting of people from all walks of life. I see nothing wrong with it and welcome the diversity that it brings. It’s what made America a wonderful place to live.

  3. Hurrah! A non-political Disney movie lineup focusing on entertainment, and not messaging….just what made the Disney company great. Walt is smiling.