TWO Popular Treats Return to Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney World!

Cookie fans, listen up! We have good news for you.

Gideons at Disney Springs

If you’ve been to Disney Springs, you might have seen a long line wrapped around a building. Well, that’s Gideon’s Bakehouse. There is usually a line to get into the store to buy their delicious cookies and cakes. Each month they have a specialty cookie, and now, they are celebrating Black Friday with two returning favorites.

In November, they are serving up Pumpkin Bread Chocolate Crumb Cookie as this month’s cookie. However, they are feeling the holiday spirit and are gifting us with a few special extras starting today.

All the Gideon’s cookies!

The Krampus and the Kris Kringle cookies, which have returned from previous years, are back starting today! You will also be able to find the Krampus Nitro Cold Brew as well.  There is also a new trading card which you can get only on Black Friday, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day.


There is also a lot of new merchandise for purchase. You can even find a Kris Kringle & Krampus candle. Talk about a gift that keeps you hungry!

Kris Kringle Cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs

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