4 Reasons NOT to Go to a Holiday Party at Disney World

Holiday parties are happening in both Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios this year, and the holiday cheer is all around.

Jollywood Nights

While many people love these holiday parties, there are some people who just may not enjoy them, and that’s okay! If you’re on the fence, here are some reasons we think going to a holiday party isn’t the best idea.

You’re Not A Fan Of Holidays/You Like Halloween More

If the holidays just aren’t your thing, or you’re more of a Halloween person, then going to a holiday party isn’t the best idea.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2023

Yes, it’s a great time to ride the attractions with little to no waits, but that really won’t get you your money’s worth in our opinion.

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Holiday Overlay

What does make the price worth it is the combination of special shows, snacks, and entertainment you can see in addition to the rides, so if those aren’t your thing, we suggest skipping out.

You Want To Experience ALL The Attractions And Restaurants

During after-hours events like holiday parties, not all the attractions and restaurants are going to be open, and that can be a big bummer for many people.

Tea Cups Ride Overlay

Some dining options are open early in the party and close later, which is an issue if you ate a late lunch and are therefore eating a late dinner. There are lots of free cookies to get at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, but there comes a time when you get tired of even cookies.

Pinocchio Village Haus Free treats

Similarly, if you want to use this time to ride EVERYTHING in the park, especially in Magic Kingdom, it’s very likely not going to happen, and even if you get close, you’d be using up ALL your party time on rides.

You Have Kids Who Go To Bed Early/Dislike The Dark

Really, this can go for anyone, but especially kids — if you like going to bed early or the dark freaks you out, holiday parties are a NOPE.

Gingerbread Men in the Once Upon A Christmastime Parade

It’s dark from the moment the party begins thanks to how quickly it gets dark in winter, and while the parks are well-lit, kids who are scared of the dark may be more upset than usual.

Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks

And if your kids are prone to getting cranky and upset when they’re tired, going to a holiday party just isn’t worth it. Yes, you may be okay for the first hour or two, but when it gets close to midnight and everyone is tired, it’s a disaster waiting to happen to have a little one way past their bedtime.

You’re On A Tight Budget

We suggest just getting a party ticket for those who have been to the parks multiple times and don’t want or need to experience everything in those few hours. If it’s your first time in the park, however, you’ll likely want to get a park ticket and party ticket, and that is NOT budget-friendly.

Christmas at Magic Kingdom!

Party tickets often cost the same, potentially more or less by a few dollars,  than a regular park day ticket depending on the time of year. Buying one of each for all of your family is a loooot of money, and we totally understand that that’s not in the budget for many families.

Toy Story Land Decorations

If you’re looking to experience the park in its entirety, we suggest just getting a regular park ticket on a non-party day so the park doesn’t close early (that’s a very important detail!) rather than getting a party ticket. This way, you and your family can experience much more the park has to offer, and still experience the holiday decorations available all day long.

Magic Kingdom

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