Popular Ride CHANGE Debuts in Magic Kingdom — See the FUN Holiday Overlay!

The holidays are right around the corner!

Christmas in Magic Kingdom

Disney World is diving headfirst into the holiday spirit by putting up much of its Christmas decor and beginning its holiday parties. You can start getting holiday souvenirs and food around the parks. Plus, each year, Disney adds fun, festive overlays on some of its rides. We’d like to point–settia out one ride that gets a little punnier during Christmas — it opened today!

Over the holidays, the Jungle Cruise is temporarily closed to make room for the Jingle Cruise. (Okay, so it’s just the Jungle Cruise with a holiday overlay, but don’t tell the skippers we told you!) And now, we’re boarding the cheerful boats to see all the merry decor the animals pulled out this year.

The Jingle Cruise!

The joyful decorations begin when you first enter the line.

Is that Santa’s office?

While we waited, we noticed that the skippers are really hoping for Santa this year!

Stop here, Santa!

And the crew was ready to go wassailing with you down the river.

Let’s go wassailing!

Things only got better as we began loading up; we noticed all the boats put on festive facades. We spotted Eggnog Annie…

Eggnog Annie

…Mistletoe Millie…

Mistletoe Millie

…Brrrrrr Bertha…

Brrr Bertha

…and Candy Cane Connie!

Candy Cane Connie

Once we were on the dock, we could tell we were in for a jolly good time!

Is that Santa’s house?

Then we were finally in our boat and sailing away! We started seeing everything the animals had thrown together for us (seriously, everything looked like they just threw it around).

Uh, oh…

But don’t worry, the rhino was making sure these guys got the “point” of the season!

Do you get it now guys?!

A few monkeys were even joining in on the celebration.

ahh…they’re bringing us gifts…

And if you’re still trying to get a-‘head’ on your holiday shopping, you can stop by Trader Sam’s to pick up everything you need!

Stop by for all your shopping!

But you might want to stay away from these briefs; we don’t know where they have been.

That’s a fight we don’t want to get between.

But by jolly, we finally made it back to the dock!

Look, it’s Santa!

We guess Magic Kingdom AND the Jingle Cruise both got their trees put up today. So that’s some fun news for you!

It’s so pretty!

It was quite the ride, and we were excited to see all the special decorations. After this fun experience, we’re definitely ready to celebrate the holidays!

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