5 Reasons You’ll Regret Not Taking the Orlando Airport Brightline Train

If you’ve been following along with us, then you know that the Brightline train from Orlando Airport is now open!


Brightline has recently opened a new route for their high-speed trains that take you from the Orlando International Airport to Miami. This convenient travel method may save you time and money as opposed to catching a flight south. We had the chance to take a ride on the train recently and we’re here to tell you why you’ll regret NOT taking it from Orlando Airport.

1. You’ll Get Stuck in Traffic

If you are heading south to Miami and want to drive, pack your patience. It’s no secret that there can be a lot of traffic on major highways in Florida like I-95 and I-4.

Brightline train

If you take the train, you’ll speed right past all that traffic and save time. You’ll also be a lot less stressed knowing you won’t have to worry about delays on the road.

2. Florida Roads are WILD

Yes, it’s true. Not only is there traffic to fight with on the roads, but the highways here can be chaotic. Let’s just say some take the speed limit as a suggestion down here.

Brightline Train

Instead of relaxing and being carefree, if you drive,  you’ll have to stay vigilant. Unfortunately, accidents happen, but you don’t want them to happen to you.

3. You’ll Pay Parking Fees

If you are heading down to Miami for a cruise and you’re driving, you’ll have to pay to park your car while you’re out at sea. These fees can add up! For us, the Brightline Fare was about equal to what it would have cost to park at the port for a week.

Outside the Brightline Miami Station

So instead of saving time, you’ll have to find somewhere to park, pay more money, and then walk to your ship.

4. You’ll Have To Take Time Off Work

On the Brightline train, you can work! There is plenty of room for your laptop or device on your tray table. There are also outlets at your seat to charge your device and there is free wifi.

Bigger and more comfortable seating

If you drive down, you’ll likely have to take time off of work to go or go around your work schedule. Why not keep working while you’re riding?

5. You’ll Miss a PRIME Napping Opportunity

So if you drive to Miami, you won’t be able to nap, especially if you’re driving. But even if you’re just the passenger, who actually enjoys napping in the car? Maybe you’re the annoying passenger who loves control and you can’t be a back seat driver AND sleep.

On the train

So take the opportunity to take a power nap before arriving in Miami.


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Are you willing to ride the Brightline train? Tell us your thoughts below. 

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One Reply to “5 Reasons You’ll Regret Not Taking the Orlando Airport Brightline Train”

  1. You compare the brightline train to driving a car. But actually the brightline is competing with airplanes. I have had really bad experiences with brightline, 2h dleays, absolutely customer-unfriendly, no message no communication about the train being late, only when you arrive at the train station they tell you in person and you have to either go through the gate into the waiting area without fresh food and wait for 2h or you can get a voucher for later travel, but only up to the departure time of the original train. No question brightline is better than driving, but it still can’t compete with airplane travel price-wise and reliability wise.