We Rode the NEW Orlando Airport Brightline Train and We Have THOUGHTS

Traveling to Southern Florida from Orlando has gotten much easier.


Brightline has recently opened a new route for their high-speed trains that take you from the Orlando International Airport to Miami. This convenient travel method may save you time and money as opposed to catching a flight south. We recently rode on this new route to see what all the hype was about. Read on to see just how convenient this new transportation can be!

The Orlando Brightline station is located near Terminal C and has a drop-off and pick-up loop just like at an airport.

The day we rode the Brightline train from MCO to Miami, we noticed that getting through security for the train is a lot less stressful than security to fly. There was no removing our shoes or computers and no limit on our liquids. All-in-all we were through security in about 5 minutes.

Brightline Station at the Orlando Airport

We boarded the train about 10 minutes before its departure. You are welcome to load your own luggage or have it checked at the counter prior to going through security. Our ticket gave us our assigned coach and seat, which were easy to locate. We got to ride the brightpink train this day!

brightpink Coach

We reached the cruising speed of 125 mph within about the first 15 minutes of our trip. A neat perk is that there is free Wi-Fi on board and outlets at every seat! The Wi-Fi is consistent, but not super fast, but we were able to do a bit of work on the cloud while using it. However, sending pictures was not working.

Brightline train

We also learned that, similar to air transportation, food and beverages are served to you in your seat, not in a dining car like many Amtrak trains.

Food and drinks menu items

Our trip on the Brightline train was very similar to being on a plane but with more legroom and wider seats. While our reporter is prone to motion sickness, they did not experience any on their trip. They said it was a very smooth trip with no harsh accelerations or decelerations.


We noticed a few annoyances with the Brightline app not remembering our trip and having to use our confirmation code every time we logged into it. The people working on the train also apologized for the several times they had to use the train horns, however, we didn’t notice it being that loud while we were on the train.

Brightline train

Overall, our experience on the new Brightline route was a pleasant one and in many ways more convenient than flying, especially when going from Orlando to Southern Florida. It took about three hours to get from Orlando to Miami. We thought it was comfortable and easy to use, we will be using it again, soon!

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Will you use the Brightline train route from Orlando to Miami? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Replies to “We Rode the NEW Orlando Airport Brightline Train and We Have THOUGHTS”

  1. I wonder how easy/convenient it is once you get to the airport in Miami. Or, does it even drop you off at the airport in Miami?

  2. My husband and son rode the Brightline last week. The train ride was fine. The problem was getting to the train. My son is disabled and cannot walk for too long. Terminal C was full and they were directed to the airport parking. Those lots were also very full and they had to park their own car and find a shuttle to Terminal C. A lot of walking. Finally they got to Terminal C and then it’s was suppose to be a 13 minute walk to the train. My son had a tough time walking. There is no way to find some help for him. I think that Brightline needs to make some provisions for the disabled and elderly. If there are any, no one seemed to know.

  3. Did the Brightline from Ft
    Lauderdale to Miami. We booked the pickup ride to the station and also the ride pickup once in Miami. Pickup no showed so we missed our scheduled train. We were then put on the next train and it ended up being an hour late. Guest services did make sure our ride for Miami was confirmed. The whole experience wasn’t good with doing the ride part through Brightline. It cost us additional money. No compensation from Brightline or a way to send feedback to Brightline. Also when we were rebooked as a couple we were separated into different coaches which was a problem since we had luggage. Not sure we will ride again.