Price INCREASE Hitting Disney Plus and Hulu Tomorrow

It’s going to cost more to watch your favorite movies and shows soon.


Since Disney+ first came out, we’ve witnessed multiple changes like new content being added and removedprice increases, and the introduction of an ad-supported tier. During the third quarter earnings call for Disney, Bob Iger, CEO, said improving streaming and Disney+ is important to the company. Unfortunately for us, that meant that prices would be increasing. 

On August 9th, Disney’s third-quarter earnings call, Disney noted that the number of Disney+ CORE subscribers as of July 1st, 2023 was 105.7 million, this includes domestic subscribers (U.S. and Canada) and international subscribers (excluding Disney+ Hotstar).


In the earnings call, Disney shared that it would be increasing prices on almost all of its streaming services in an attempt to aid profitability. The ad-free tier of Disney+ will rise to $13.99 per month starting tomorrow, October 12th. Fortunately, the commercial-based tier will remain the same.


Similarly, they will be raising the cost of Hulu without commercials to $17.99 per month — but the ad-supported version will remain at its current price. If you are watching shows like the newest season of Loki, this could affect you if you have the ad-free version of the streaming service.


We’ll continue to keep an eye on Disney+ and more news from The Walt Disney Company, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest.

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Will you be affected by the Disney+ changes? Let us know below. 


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