WARNING: Disney Plus Price Increases Soon

Prices are continuing to increase for…well…everything it seems.


We just saw a bunch of price increases hit restaurants in Disney World, parking got more expensive at Orlando International Airport, and traveling is not cheap right now. Another price hike is coming soon and it may impact you Disney+ subscribers out there.

Mark your calendars for October 12th — that’s when Disney+, Disney’s streaming service, will increase its prices for one subscription plan.


The ad-free version of Disney+ will cost $13.99 per month from October 12th onward. If you have Disney+ with ads, don’t worry, The price will stay the same at $7.99 per month.


Bob Iger has previously said that streaming is his “number one priority” at the company since returning to the role of CEO as Disney+ has not been a success financially for the company.

Disney CEO Bob Iger

If you have ad-free Disney+, keep this in mind and see if it makes sense to stay in this tier or drop to the tier with ads. Disney+ recently released the new Haunted Mansion movie and a new season of Loki


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Which version of Disney+ do you have? Is this price increase causing you to change your subscription? Let us know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “WARNING: Disney Plus Price Increases Soon”

  1. Charge more, provide less – seems like that;s the new M.O. of the major steamers. I’m sorry, the quality and quantity of Disney+ offerings isn’t worth the current cost let alone a price increase. So, much like HBOMax,it’s time to say goodbye to Disney+. I’ll be cancelling my subscription this week.