The BIG Reason to Avoid These 3 Disney Hotels

Dining in Disney World can be one of the priciest parts of your trip.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

With so many iconic snacks and restaurants to try around the parks, the food bill can really start to add up! That’s why it is a good idea to make sure that you’ll actually enjoy the food you’re eating. Unfortunately, some Disney hotels don’t have the best food options, so it makes it a challenge to get a great dining experience if you’re staying there. That’s why there are a few hotels you should avoid if great food is a priority for your trip.

Value Resort

According to our readers, the Value hotel with the worst food in Disney World is Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort.

All-Star Sports Resort

The End Zone Food Court, which did get a menu revamp recently, is the only food option at this resort. You’ll find some basics like pizza, chicken strips, and chicken wings, as well as a few specialty items that rotate from time to time. We did really enjoy the Macaroni and Cheese Topped with Barbecued Beef on a recent visit, so what gives?

Macaroni and Cheese Topped with Barbecued Beef

Well, it is the only place to get food at the resort, and as it gets later into the evening, fewer options become available. And also, this spot can get busy and quite a bit noisy!

Check the physical menus at the food court; they may differ from the digital menus!

If you are looking for a hotel where you’ll have a wider range of options, you’ll probably want to avoid this one! There’s just not a huge variety here.

Moderate Resort

Next up, you might be a little disappointed with the food options at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Caribbean Beach Resort

Here, variety isn’t as much of a concern — there are a few options, but the food isn’t winning any awards. Centertown Market isn’t bad, but there are resorts with better quick service options (like Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts!)

Centertown Market

Plus, the resort is so spread out that it might be a pretty far walk to the food court or sit-down restaurant.

Deluxe Resort

Disney’s Beach Club Resort does have some fun table service restaurants — Beaches and Cream and Cape May Cafe both have some great food and fun atmospheres!

Oh, and you can meet Goofy and friends at Cape May Cafe!

But the quick service options here are a bit lacking. In fact, there is no food court; the grab-and-go food area is mushed together with the gift shop!

The Beach Club Marketplace is sort of small…

If you’re looking for a Deluxe Resort with lots of great dining options, opt for someplace like Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, or Disney’s Riviera Resort.

Topolino’s Terrace

Let’s be honest. For some, food is a HUGE part of our Disney World vacation, so why stay somewhere that has notoriously subpar eats? Do yourself a favor and avoid these three Disney World hotels if dining is the top item on your agenda. In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more. 

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