Powerline From “A Goofy Movie” – Literally EVERYTHING There Is To Know

There’s been some fuss over a certain character around Disney World as of late. You may have heard the excitement over the debut of Powerline Max in the Boo-to-You Parade at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party last fall, or you may have read right here that Powerline Max has been spotted greeting guests in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Powerline Max!

But maaaaaybe you’re reading the above sentences and thinking “What or WHO is a Powerline Max?” Well you see, before there was Powerline Max, there was the one and only POWERLINE himself, best known as Max Goof’s idol in A Goofy Movie.

As Max says to his Dad (and our pal!) Goofy in A Goofy Movie, “It’s only Powerline, Dad, the biggest rock star on the planet.” I mean, DUH! 😉


If you, like Goofy, are a little lost on exactly who Powerline is (or are already totally onboard with Powerline and want to know a little more), then you should join us for this little conversation about everything you need to know about Powerline from A Goofy Movie!

A Little Background from A Goofy Movie

Beyond our initial glances at Powerline as seen in posters and a cutout in Max’s room in A Goofy Movie, Powerline’s status as a major music idol is established when Stacy, a fellow student at Max’s school (and Student Body President), invites her fellow students during an assembly to her “totally amazing end of school party” to watch Powerline LIVE on PAY-PER-VIEW! (Ok, who else out there remembers pay-per-view concerts???)

Max as Powerline in Disney World!

Anyhoo, her fellow students go WILD, and that’s when Max, dressed as Powerline, takes over the stage with some help from his friends and does a little lip-synching while simultaneously impressing his crush, Roxanne. (SMOOTH, right?? Well, until it’s discovered that underneath Powerline’s rockin’ signature yellow outfit is just Max Goof after all.)


From here? Well, seeing as Max’s Dad is GOOFY… the antics ensue! We won’t spoil anything for you here. (If you have a subscription to Disney+, you can watch A Goofy Movie for yourself to see where things go.)

Now That You’re In-the-Know…

Let’s dive into some Powerline FUN FACTS from the film!

Hit Songs: “Stand Out” and “I2I” (“eye-to-eye”) — You can hear these on Spotify in addition to checking out A Goofy Movie on Disney+. 

Powerline Pin

Greatest Lyrics (okay, this is subjective buuuut…):

“If the squeaky wheel’s always gettin’ the grease
I’m totally devoted to disturbing the peace”

“I got myself a notion
One I know that you’ll understand
To set the world in motion
By reaching out for each other’s hand”

Greatest Fan Tribute right after Powerline Max: THIS ONE.

©Dimitri Beauchamp

Now here’s a few BEHIND THE SCENES tidbits…

The Voice Behind Powerline: Powerline is voiced by Tevin Campbell, whose hits from the late 80s and early 90s include “Can We Talk,” “I’m Ready,” and “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do” (which yours truly owned on CASSINGLE, thankyouverymuch).

The Inspiration: A Goofy Movie Director, Kevin Lima, shared the following via Twitter: “It’s often been rumored that Powerline is Bobby Brown. Honestly, he was conceived as a combination of Prince, Michael Jackson and yes, Bobby Brown.”

Powerline — The Starlight Tour T-shirt

You see, in April 2020, D23 hosted an online Virtual Watch Party of A Goofy Movie in celebration of the film’s 25th Anniversary, and Kevin Lima joined in with some live-tweeting during the event to share some fun facts!

In fact, if A Goofy Movie — which made its debut in April of 1995 — isn’t as familiar to you as other Disney films around that time (such as Pocahontas, The Lion King, and Toy Story), it may be because, as Lima also shared on Twitter, “A GOOFY MOVIE really took off when it was released on VHS tape on September 6, 1995 and the audience for the film has grown and grown, generation after generation over the years.”

Best Powerline Souvenir: Power LIMES! This nod to A Goofy Movie — and, of course, Powerline — was first spotted in the incredibly immersive queue for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway in Disneyland’s reimagined Mickey’s Toontown.

Power Limes

But wait… there’s more! ACTUAL POWER LIMES that you can buy to snack on have since been spotted in stores in Disneyland, and then even in EPCOT (appearing, then disappearing, then reappearing) at the Creations Shop.

So, now that you know about Powerline, we’d like to know something about YOU: Are Powerline and A Goofy Movie among your favorites? Let us know with a comment!

Where to Meet POWERLINE MAX in Disney World!

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