Where To Find Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Since their concurrent openings in 2019, the dual-coast versions of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge have been lynchpins of both California’s Disneyland Resort and Florida’s Walt Disney World.

Millennium Falcon

Interestingly, while the lands are nearly direct clones of each other, their locations at each of the resorts could not be any more different. Fear not, though, we’ve assembled the only guide you’ll need to locate Galaxy’s Edge.

When discussing both versions of Galaxy’s Edge, it’s important to note that each of them is “cut-off” from the rest of their respective theme parks in a way few, if any, Disney lands have ever been before. According to a 2015 interview with lead Imagineer Scott Trowbridge, this was done as away to envelop guests in the land’s theming:

“Our intent is to make it feel as if you just walked into one of the movies… Bringing Star Wars to life in the physical world gives us the opportunity to play with a whole bunch of things we’ve never done before… to really engage all of the senses. What does that street feel like? What does that animal smell like? What does blue milk taste like?”

Where Is Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland?

As previously mentioned, the Disneyland installation of Galaxy’s Edge is located in Disneyland Park proper, and upon its opening was one of the largest additions in the venerable park’s history. The land is located in Disneyland’s far northwest corner.

The area where Galaxy’s Edge currently stands was once earmarked as the location for Imagineering legend Tony Baxter’s long-planned but never built steampunk-themed Discovery Bay. The area was then home to the Big Thunder Ranch, which included an outdoor petting zoo featuring sheep, goats, cows, and other farm animals, a walk-through log cabin, and other food and thematic elements tied to the American West. The area was closed in 2016 to make room for the Star Wars expansion. Construction also required rerouting of the Rivers of America and the Disneyland Railroad, both massive feats of construction.


There are three entrances to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge from other areas of Disneyland, each of which features a tunnel that serves the dual purpose of thematically transitioning guests into the Star Wars universe, while maneuvering underneath the tracks of the Disneyland Railroad. One leads you from Fantasyland, and deposits you at the first end of Galaxy’s Edge, near the Milk Stand and First Order Cargo merchandise location, where Kylo Ren and his battalion can often be found.

Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland

The second, from Frontierland, has you enter in what is essentially the middle of the land, providing easy access to the Droid Depot, Savvi’s Workshop, Ronto Roasters, and Ova’s Cantina. The third — and most out of the way — entrance allows you walk along a path from Critter Country, allowing you to enter Galaxy’s Edge at the land’s far corner, near the Resistance Base and headline Rise of the Resistance attraction.

Of note, this full Star Wars land is across the park from Star Tours — that simulator classic makes its home in Tomorrowland — which presumably means the two can never be connected in a potential expansion. That is not the case at…

Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge

While Disneyland houses the West Coast version of Galaxy’s Edge, its Walt Disney World equivalent park Magic Kingdom does not. Instead, the East Coast version of Baatu is located at the Disney Hollywood Studios theme park. Specifically, the land takes up nearly the whole southeast corner of the park.

The land somewhat controversially replaced the vast majority of the original Streets of America section of the park. This meant that casualties of Galaxy Edge construction included the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure playground, and the majority of the San Francisco and New York facades that were used for the beloved and now-defunct Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights holiday display.

The remnants of the New York portion of the Streets of America — mainly consisting of the Muppet*Vision 3D attraction as well as a few facades and restaurants — were reworked into Grand Grand Avenue, a Los Angeles-themed area. Grand Avenue also provides the main entrance to Hollywood Studios’ Galaxy’s Edge.

The entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

You enter into a replica of one of LA’s real Figueroa Street Tunnels, which slowly transitions from realistic Hollywood to “A Galaxy Far, Far Away” before spitting you out into the Resistance Base area of the land, similar to the Disneyland Critter Country entrance.

Hollywood Studios’ Galaxy’s Edge features one more entrance, a comparatively un-themed path leading from Toy Story Land that deposits you in Galaxy’s Edge just in front of the Droid Depot, similar to Disneyland’s Frontierland entrance. There is no Studios equivalent to the Fantasyland entrance.

Unlike at Disneyland, the Hollywood Studios version of Galaxy’s Edge is located very close to the Star Tours attraction. All that stands between the two is the aforementioned Grand Avenue/Muppets area, leading many to believe that it’s only a matter of time before the area is demolished to integrate Star Tours and expand Galaxy’s Edge all in one swoop.

Galaxy’s Edge

And that’s our look at where to find Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World and Disneyland. Keep following All Ears for the latest Disney news!

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Have we cleared up any misconceptions you had about the locations of either Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments below.

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