Bob Iger Answers Critical Question About His Future as Disney’s CEO

In November of 2022, Bob Iger made his return to Disney as CEO, replacing Bob Chapek. This elicited a positive response from celebrities and Disney fans alike. There was one catch though: Iger’s contract would end in two years.


On February 8th, 2023, Iger spoke about about The Walt Disney Company’s earnings for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023 — simultaneously shocking and exciting listeners for the changes to come. Iger announced that Disney would undergo massive restructuring and shared his belief that the future of the company lies within streaming. His plans made us all wonder whether or not two years would be enough time.

In an interview with CNBC, Iger shares that he “was not looking for a job and was not anticipating to be asked back” in November of 2022, when Disney reached out and asked him to return as CEO.

Bob Iger

“I have a huge passion for the company and huge respect for the people,” Iger said. “I had a sense of obligation.”

While it’s evident that Iger cares a lot about the company and its future, as a 72-year-old who has served almost 50 years with the company, he is well past the point of being a candidate for retirement.

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However, Iger loves The Walt Disney Company, and the company and it’s evident that stakeholders love him back. Will he really only stay for two years?

My plan is to stay here for two years,” Iger told the interviewer. “That’s what my contract says. That was my agreement with the board, and that is my preference.

Iger is confident that he can take the company far during these next two years, and he is also confident that he and the board can choose a great successor. He said he would like to play a role in preparing that successor for the role of CEO and that he would be part of the whole process.


Well, it sounds like Iger meant it when he said he would be here for two years and two years only.

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