Disneyland Adds Important Reminder to Website

Walt Disney said when he built Disneyland that the park would never be finished but continue to grown and change.

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The parks have continued to evolve with new lands, rides, experiences, and more. Over on the Disneyland website, we noticed another subtle, but impactful change.

Earlier this month, the Disney World website added a specific warning explaining that guests could be removed from the parks if they fail to follow a specific rule. Now, a similar notice has arrived on the Disneyland website.

Disneyland’s website has added a Courtesy notice alongside other important park information like Health & Safety reminders and Park Reservation requirements. This notice advises guests to “treat others with respect, kindness and compassion.


When you click the “View Disneyland Resort Rules” you can see more rules for the parks on the West Coast. One rule states, “Please show common courtesy to fellow Guests and our Cast Members by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior, jumping lines or saving places in lines for others. For your safety and the safety of others, please refrain from running.”


Disney has updated both the Disney World and Disneyland websites to include a Courtesy notice. Though the language varies from the Disney World statement to the Disneyland statement, the sentiment is clear — Disney expects guests to exhibit kindness, respect, and compassion to fellow guests and Cast Members. And though this may seem like common sense, it has obviously become a problem big enough for Disney to need to put in writing and enforce at their parks. This is an important rule to remember as you make your way through the parks.

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Stay tuned to AllEars as we continue to provide you updated information on everything you need to know when you visit the Disney parks. To learn about other changes that have taken place in Disney World, click here to see the important Genie+ change that is now live in the app, and click here to learn about the ticket price change that has taken place in Disney World.

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What do you think about this new courtesy guideline in place in the Disney parks? Tell us in the comments.

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