McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again!

It’s no secret that we enjoy some nostalgia around here.

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to McDonald’s

Our world is all about Disney and theme parks, so duh, we love things that make us feel like kids again! This is a bit harder to find outside of the theme parks, but luckily, McDonald’s is making it easier. The fast food chain recently announced that they would be selling ADULT Happy Meals, so you know we had to go get one for ourselves.

The Cactus Plant Flea Market Box was released at McDonald’s on October 3rd, and they’re available while supplies last! Each box has a classic McDonald’s character figurine in it. You can either get Grimace, the Hamburglar, Birdie, or Cactus Buddy.


For $11.29, the box also comes with either a Big Mac or a 10-peice Chicken McNugget meal, so you also get fries and a drink for that price, in addition to the figurine.

We love this idea!

The design on the box is super cool! It’s very colorful and has different things on each side. On one side is all of the characters you can collect…

Character options

…another has all of the Chicken McNugget shapes…

Did you know the name of the shapes?

…another has more of Cactus Buddy and friends…

All of the friends

…and the final side has a graphic of a McDonald’s and the limited edition label!

Let’s check it out

As you can probably tell, this box is a bit bigger than the normal Happy Meal boxes for the kids meals. That’s most likely so that it can fit the bigger items inside!

The inside

We got the McNugget meal, and it’s just your standard McDonald’s meal with fries and a drink.

Everything in our meal

The REAL appeal here is that toy! It comes in a mystery bag so you don’t know which one you’ve gotten until you open it up.

Who is it going to be?!

We got the Hamburglar!


These toys/figurines are so fun, but we were told that you can’t buy them individually. This might’ve just been at the McDonald’s we were at though, so you can always ask to see!

So cute

Compared to the normal meals on the menu, this box is more expensive. A regular Big Mac meal is $8.89 and a 10-piece McNuggets meal is $8.59, so the adult Happy Meals being $11.29 is definitely for that limited edition factor and the toy!

Gotta pay more for that toy

If you want to get one, we’d suggest you do it soon, because these are only available while supplies last. Here’s a tip for you — if you buy a box through the McDonald’s app, you’ll be entered for a chance to win exclusive merchandise for free every week from McDonald’s!

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McDonald’s Happy Meal

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