CHANGES Made to Some Plans at Orlando Airport’s Terminal C Due to Hurricane Ian

UPDATE: Disney World will be conducting a phased reopening of the theme parks and Disney Springs on September 30th. Click here for more information.

Parts of Florida, including parts of Orlando, are expected to be impacted by a storm this week and it’s having an impact on a number of things within the state.

Terminal C

We’ve been watching Tropical Storm Ian which recently became Hurricane Ian and will continue to look for updates in the coming days. Thus far, the storm strengthened and is approaching Florida at or near major hurricane strength. That has prompted the Florida Governor to declare a state of emergency for Florida, and it’s affecting the airport too.

According to the Twitter account for the Orlando International Airport, in anticipation of potential bad weather due to Hurricane Ian the airport has postponed the relocation dates for jetBlue and Caribbean Airlines to Terminal C.

Previously, jetBlue was set to move to Terminal C starting September 27th and Caribbean Airlines was set to move to the terminal on September 30th. Now, the Terminal C website has been updated to state that jetBlue will move to the new terminal on October 4th and Caribbean Airlines will move there on October 7th.

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The airport has also noted that while it’s too early to know the direct path of the storm, “pre-storm precautions and protective measures are being taken to coordinate airport activities accordingly.”

Orlando Airport Terminal C

See the full message from the Orlando Airport below.

If you’ll be heading to or will be flying out of Orlando International Airport soon, keep these changes in mind. You can reach out to your airline directly for any details about changes in their flight operations.

UPDATE: As of Monday, September 26th, Orlando International Airport is open and operational. The airport will continue to monitor Hurricane Ian and we’ll continue to bring you any updates that could impact your flight.

On the morning of Tuesday, September 27th, Orlando International Airport released a statement that meetings were happening to discuss next steps for operational changes due to the hurricane

We were at Orlando International Airport on Tuesday morning and noticed there were big crowds.

This was before the airport announced that it would halt flights starting at 10:30AM on Wednesday morning.

UPDATE: The Orlando Airport has announced that it expects commercial operations will resume sometime on Friday, September 30th, pending their damage assessment.

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We are watching for updates on the Hurricane and will keep you notified of the latest news. If you’ll be heading to Disney World soon, be prepared.

UPDATE: Disney World has announced it will be closing its theme parks and water parks on September 28th and 29th. Additionally, Disney Springs will be closed on September 28th, with many stores remaining closed through September 29th.

UPDATE: Disney World will be conducting a phased reopening of the theme parks and Disney Springs on September 30th. Click here for more information.


When a hurricane or tropical depression is set to hit Disney World, park hours and park offerings can be impacted. Parks may close early and rides may shut down early due to the storm. You may also find hurricane offerings (like special meals) at the hotels if guests must remain there. Disney World has not made a statement at this time.

Terminal C

Click here to see our list of 5 must-have items for hurricane season and click here to learn about what happens if you get stranded at Disney World.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Have you visited Terminal C yet? Will you be flying into or out of the new terminal soon? Tell us in the comments.

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