7 Things You Should NEVER Put in Your Disney Parks Bag

We’ve talked endlessly about the best things to pack in your Disney Parks bag — but what about what NOT to pack??

What should you AVOID putting in your park bag?

Sometimes it’s what you pack that can ruin your day! Before you visit Disney World, check out our list of what NOT to bring and avoid making the same mistakes that many of us have already made.

Unsealed Drinks

This might sound like a no-brainer but do NOT put any unsealable drinks or cups in your bag! That includes any cups with lids that can easily pop off or leak. You might plan to keep your drink upright in your bag but trust us — it almost always tips over.

This cup could leak in your bag!

Not much will ruin your day more than all of your things soaked in coffee. Stick with leak-proof bottles or keep your drink in your hand.

Bubble Wands

We know that bubble wands are super cute and fun and all, but you might not know how easily they LEAK. Yes, they leak bubble solution fairly easily, and this might ruin your day more than a spilled drink.

Bubble Wands are a no!

Sticky bubbles are NOT what you want coating your wallet and snacks. Hold your bubble wand upright or keep it in a Disney Parks shopping bag!

Anything Melty

It’s hard to find anything that’s NOT melty on a hot Florida day, but as long as you don’t put it inside your bag, you can usually just clean off your hands. Even if you pack a well-intentioned snack (like trail mix with M&Ms), it will likely become a sticky, melty mess by the time you’re feeling hungry.

We love Gideon’s but it can get melty!

Unless you have an empty ziplock bag handy (which we recommend bringing!), avoid the temptation to put a melty treat in your bag, and stick with packing non-melty snack options like fruits and nuts.

Crumbly Things

As much as we love Goldfish Crackers, we don’t love how they can become a crumbly mess in the bottom of our bag after being smushed by the rest of our things.

The Mandalorian Goldfish!

If you HAVE to bring some crackers, we recommend investing in a small snack container or a plastic lunch box. That way, you can still have your snack — but it doesn’t get crushed.

Heavy Things

If you can help it, try not to pack heavy items in your park bag! Your shoulders could get VERY tired by the end of the day if your bag is filled with a bunch of hefty things. One heavy culprit is often an external battery charger, although there are plenty of light battery alternatives to bring instead.

FuelRods are light, but not all batteries are!

Sometimes it’s not one heavy item but just TOO MANY items! Remember that you can get many last-minute items in Disney Parks, so don’t stress too much about bringing all the things. Pare down to save your shoulders and your sanity.

Check out the best lightweight portable chargers here!

Prohibited Items

You might not PLAN to bring a prohibited item but it can happen — so know what not to bring before your visit! The list includes weapons, self-defense or restraining devices, objects or toys that look like weapons, any illegal substances, explosives…

Pirate Sword

…alcohol, glass containers, noise makers, wagons, trailers, selfie sticks, and more. Check your bag before your visit so you don’t forget to take something out!

Here are all 21 items you can’t bring to Disney World!

An iPad

Okay, hear us out. iPads are admittedly useful and really cool, but how many of you have experienced someone holding up an iPad in front of you to record a parade? It blocks SO MUCH. When many phone cameras (as well as digital cameras) have the same (if not better) cameras, do you really need to bring a bulky (and heavy!) iPad just to take pictures?


If your iPad is the ONLY thing you have with a camera, we’ll give you a pass. But otherwise, try to stick with your phone or your camera and leave your iPad in your hotel room!

If you can help it, don’t bring any of these things into Disney World! And keep following AllEars for more Disney packing tips and tricks!

Everything you’ll want to pack in your park bag for a Disney World trip!

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What’s in your Disney Park bag? Tell us in the comments!

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9 Replies to “7 Things You Should NEVER Put in Your Disney Parks Bag”

  1. I’d say skip the umbrella. They’re annoying (sometimes even dangerous) to others, and take up too much room – pack a few cheap ponchos instead!

  2. Don’t carry the metal container of mints ( like Altoids) that they sell at Walt Disney World. It will set off the metal detector every time.

  3. I always pack zip lock bags. They keep the crumbs and squishy stuff to themselves, but they also keep electronic stuff separate and dry.

  4. Why did you allow Molly to leave your employ?! She made All Ears so enjoyable to watch. I would have offered her a 10 Percent stake in the company.

    1. Hi Mike. Molly let us know that she’s eager to move forward with some personal projects. We worked together to find a solution but ultimately she decided that she couldn’t do both. We’ll miss her so much, and we’re excited to see her next steps!

  5. While i like the backpack theams in reality they are just to small for the cost, unless you use it like a purse then its ok size wise maybe depending on how much you carry in a purse

  6. I left mine home!! Bad idea because I kept wanting to buy another 😀 but my crossbag has a mickey face design and I carried, Tylenol, Excedrin, inhaler, wallet(which I did replace with a mickey one!)had been ‘cleaned iut’ before I left home. (Brought necessary ID, credit card to be used, and any medical information), My new Mickey ear pen,Solar charger and portable wifi. I’ve learned to have only what’s needed!my phone only was in bad for certain rides and was hardly in it’s holder rest of the time because I take pictures too often🙌