The Unexpected Reason Your Grocery Prices Could Increase Soon

We’ve observed quite a few shortages over the past few years, some of which have directly affected Disney World.

Beverly Sunset Boutique has been closed due to supply shortages

From chicken tenders to lightsabers to even bubble wands, various supply chain issues have contributed to shortages both at Disney World and on a global scale, and now another important item is getting added to the list.

CNN Business reported that Indonesian exports of palm oil will be restricted beginning on April 28th, which could increase prices on a variety of products.  Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo announced that palm oil exports will be suspended “until further notice.”

©Reuters/Willy Kurniawan Palm oil plantation

According to CNN Business, Indonesia is the biggest producer of palm oil in the world, with palm olein, a processed form of palm oil, in approximately 40% to 50% of Indonesian exports.

Palm oil is used in an estimated 50% of packaged products in grocery stores, and it can be found in many food, household items, and cosmetics. Items like baked goods, snacks, cooking oil, instant noodles, and margarine could experience price increases as a result of this export restriction.


CNN Business reports that “world food prices jumped to their highest levels ever in March,” and the palm oil export ban could make things worse. It’s likely that grocery prices could increase more, so you might want to plan for a higher bill at the supermarket.

We’ll be watching this developing situation closely, so stay tuned to AllEars for more news.

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