Netflix Announces a Double Thumbs Up Button

Is there anything like sitting in bed and binge-watching Netflix on a day off?

Binge-watching from a Disney hotel is hard to beat!

We find these days perfect for finding a new series you’ve never watched, or venturing into different genres. And sometimes you’ll find something you like a lot! With that in mind, Netflix just announced a new feature that ensures your recommendations will continue that feeling!

We’ve seen the “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” buttons on Netflix that work as a recommendation tool — but what about a “Double Thumbs Up” button? CNN shared the release of Netflix’s new “Double Thumbs Up” button, which is meant to be used when a user’s feelings for content go beyond a simple “like.” A user’s recommendations will be based on the content they’ve deemed worthy of using this new button for.


So next time you’re watching something you really enjoy, be sure to use the “Double Thumbs Up” button to continue getting recommendations you’ll enjoy!

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2 Replies to “Netflix Announces a Double Thumbs Up Button”

    1. YES! We absolutely DO need a double thumbs up button for All-Ears posts. And what about a ¨double¨ cast member complement? We can already give cast complements, but there should be a higher level for those cast members who REALLY go above the ¨above and beyond¨!