NEWS: CDC Investigating Disney Cruise Ships and More Due to COVID-19 Concerns

Last month, Disney Cruise Line updated its vaccine mandate for all passengers ages 5 and above. Effective January 13th, 2022, all guests ages 5 and older must be vaccinated before boarding a Disney cruise ship.

Disney Wonder ©Disney

Ahead of that vaccine mandate going into effect, Disney Cruise Line along with several other major cruise line companies are under investigation from the Center for Disease Control.

Business Insider has reported that the CDC is currently investigating 38 ships and observing an additional 48 cruise ships linked to recent COVID-19 outbreaks, and among them include the entire fleet of Disney Cruise Line ships.

Disney Cruise Line Pool on the Disney Dream

According to the CDC website, there are four tiers under which a ship may fall: Green, Orange, Yellow, or Red. These tiers are determined using data from the previous seven days (regardless of voyage dates) as well as CDC investigation findings.

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As of this writing, the four Disney Cruise Line ships are all under the “Yellow” tier, which indicates that the number of reported COVID-19 cases has met the threshold required for a CDC investigation to take place. The Disney Dream, Magic, and Wonder are all currently under investigation, while the Disney Fantasy has been investigated but remains under observation.

© Center For Disease Control

Right now, Disney Cruise Line is operating under the “Restricted Voyages” category. For Disney to have met the Yellow tier, there were cases reported in 0.10% or more of passengers. For example, if there were 6,500 passengers on board, there would need to be 7 or more cases among passengers in the previous seven days in order to meet the CDC’s investigation threshold. The Yellow tier criteria can also be met  if one or more COVID cases is reported amongst crew.

© Center For Disease Control

Additional cruise line companies currently under investigation include MSC Cruises, Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity. We’ll keep a close watch on this story as it develops, so be sure to follow along for all of the latest updates!

Click here to read more about Disney Cruise Line’s vaccine mandate.

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One Reply to “NEWS: CDC Investigating Disney Cruise Ships and More Due to COVID-19 Concerns”

  1. Interesting. So you can’t even BE on one of these ships if you’re not vaccinated and they’re taking massive precautions and yet people are STILL getting and spreading this virus? Sounds to me like what I’ve thought all along…we can run but we can’t hide. It seems like it would be better if this thing just ran through us, allowing our natural immune systems to kick in, but what do I know?