PHOTOS: TONS of New 50th Anniversary Merchandise Arrived Today in Disney World!

The 50th anniversary celebrations at Disney World officially kick off on October 1st!

Cinderella Castle

There is a LOT to look forward to including new nighttime spectaculars, a new restaurant, the opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and so much more. But would it really be a huge Disney event without some special merch?

We’ve already seen some 50th anniversary merchandise pop-up in the parks and online, but now there is even MORE to choose from! We found a new merchandise collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary during our latest visit to Magic Kingdom’s Emporium.


There are so many new items to add to your wardrobe in time for the 50th anniversary! You can wear the 50th Anniversary Celebration Shirt for $36.99, featuring an EARidescent Cinderella Castle!

50th Anniversary Celebration Shirt

You can also pick up the 50th Anniversary EARidescent Shirt for $34.99

50th Anniversary EARidescent Shirt

50th Anniversary Minnie Shirt for $36.99 with the Walt Disney logo on the front…

50th Anniversary Minnie Shirt

…and a Minnie head on the back.

50th Anniversary Minnie Shirt

If you’re looking for something on the comfier side, you can cozy up in the 50th Anniversary Sweatshirt for $44.99

50th Anniversary Sweatshirt

…along with the 50th Anniversary Sweatpants for $49.99.

50th Anniversary Sweatpants

Need something fancier for your dinner date in Disney World? You can put on the 50th Anniversary Polo for $75 for an extra snazzy outfit!

50th Anniversary Polo

The Partners Statue is an iconic part of Disney World that’s a perfect photo-op in the Magic Kingdom. And, you can match with the 50th Anniversary Partners Statue Shirt

50th Anniversary Partners Statue Shirt

…and the 50th Anniversary Partners Statue Hat for $44.99.

50th Anniversary Partners Statue Hat

But, you can even look like Mickey Mouse himself in the 50th Anniversary Mickey Ear Hat for $14.99 too!

50th Anniversary Mickey Ear Hat

Now that the weather is dropping for Fall and Winter, you can switch over your summer wardrobe to warmer items with the 50th Anniversary Jogging Jacket

50th Anniversary Jogging Jacket

50th Anniversary Jogging Pants

50th Anniversary Jogging Pants

50th Anniversary Jacket for $64.99

50th Anniversary Jacket

…that has a celebratory image of the Fab Five in their best outfits…

50th Anniversary Jacket

…and 50th Anniversary EARidescent Jacket for $54.99!

50th Anniversary EARidescent Jacket

After a long day in the parks, we’re sure that you’re ready to hit the hay and call it a night! And, the 50th Anniversary Pajamas are silky and lovely for $59.99.

50th Anniversary Pajamas

Your kids don’t have to miss out on dressing to the nines either, since there is a whole collection for them to fashion in Disney World too! They can wear the 50th Anniversary Kids’ Leggings for $24.99

50th Anniversary Leggings

50th Anniversary Kids’ Jacket

50th Anniversary Kids’ Jacket

50th Anniversary Kids’ Minnie Shirt for $29.99

50th Anniversary Kids’ Shirt

50th Anniversary Kids’ Mickey Shirt for $19.99

50th Anniversary Kids’ Mickey Shirt

50th Anniversary Kids’ Sweatshirt

50th Anniversary Kids’ Sweatshirt

…and 50th Anniversary Onesie for $29.99.

50th Anniversary Onesie

Your pup can even match with you wearing the 50th Anniversary Dog Spirit Jersey for $39.99!

50th Anniversary Dog Spirit Jersey


Guests can also take home a variety of accessories to wear around the parks as they explore everything the 50th anniversary has to offer! If you need the perfect ears to match your outfit, you can wear the 50th Anniversary Golden Light-Up Ears….

These are SO pretty!

…that are sparkly and bright for $34.99. And, honestly, we bet they’ll look PERFECT glowing during the new Disney Enchantment fireworks!

What a fun detail.

You can also show off your favorite Disney characters with the 50th Anniversary Loungefly Ears for $39.99 with a gorgeous, sequined bow!

Check these out!

And, the fans who are ready for a bit of extra bling will adore the 50th Anniversary EARidescent Ears for $39.99!

50th Anniversary EARidescent Ears

You can even accessorize with the Golden Minnie 50th Anniversary Bow for a pop of shimmer to go along with your outfit.

Golden Minnie 50th Anniversary Bow

Your little ones can even match with you in the 50th Anniversary Jewelry Pack!

50th Anniversary Jewelry Pack

We won’t pass up an opportunity to accessorize with Disney pins, and you can find a 50th Anniversary Mystery Pack for $17.99

50th Anniversary Mystery Pack

…as well as all sorts of themed character versions with Mickey and Minnie…

Mickey and Minnie 50th Anniversary Pin

…Goofy and Pluto…

Goofy and Pluto 50th Anniversary Pin

…Chip ‘N Dale…

Chip ‘N Dale 50th Anniversary Pin

…Daisy and Donald…

Daisy and Donald 50th Anniversary Pin

…and an EARidescent Cinderella Castle.

Cinderella Castle Pin

You can also tote around the 50th Anniversary Otterbox Phone Case for $59.99 to make your photo-ops doubly as cute.

50th Anniversary Otterbox Phone Case

As you park hop around Disney World to experience the 50th anniversary offerings, then you can bring the 50th Anniversary MagicBands with designs of the castle…

50th Anniversary MagicBand

…and Partners Statue as part of your adventures for $34.99 each.

50th Anniversary MagicBand

Just make sure you pack all your park necessities in the 50th Anniversary Tote for $39.99!

50th Anniversary Tote

But, if you can’t decide what items you want to take home just yet, you can pick up the 50th Anniversary Souvenir Booster Pack with pins, keychains, and more!

50th Anniversary Souvenir Booster Pack

Home Goods

Although the parks will be decorated for the 50th anniversary, your home can be as well! You can feature the 50th Anniversary Plate for $29.99

50th Anniversary Plate

…and 50th Anniversary Towel for $19.99 in your kitchen.

50th Anniversary Towel

You can also add a bit of magic to your pantries with the 50th Anniversary Mug

50th Anniversary Mug

50th Anniversary Starbucks Tumbler for $39.99

50th Anniversary Starbucks Tumbler

50th Anniversary Water Bottle for $14.99

50th Anniversary Water Bottle

…and 50th Anniversary Reusable Straws for $9.99.

50th Anniversary Reusable Straws

Your living room can feel like the Happiest Place on Earth, too, if you’re snuggling under the 50th Anniversary Blanket for $74.99 while you watch Disney movies or series.

50th Anniversary Blanket

Since the holidays are around the corner, you can get ready to fashion the 50th Anniversary Ornament for $26.99

50th Anniversary Ornament

$29.99 for the Mickey-Shaped Ornaments with the park icons…

50th Anniversary Ornament

…Cinderella Castle on the inside….

50th Anniversary Ornament

…and all your favorite pals in their EARidescent best for $16.99.

50th Anniversary Ornament

There is a LOT to do in Disney World for the 50th anniversary. So, you can start planning your next Disney trip early using the 50th Anniversary Pen for $7.99

50th Anniversary Pen

…or the EARidescent Mickey Character Pen for $12.99

EARidescent Mickey Pen

…as you write down all your reservations, park day picks, and more in the 50th Anniversary Journal

50th Anniversary Journal

…or maybe design the next bit attraction, restaurant, or show with the 50th Anniversary Sketchbook for $24.99.

50th Anniversary Sketchbook

There’s even a range of 50th Anniversary Magnets with the Cinderella Castle, Mickey, and Minnie…

50th Anniversary Magnet

…the Fab Five…

50th Anniversary Magnet

…park icons on a magnetic clip…

50th Anniversary Magnet

…Mickey as a Disney Park Pal…

Mickey Clip

…and a golden frame for your family photos!

50th Anniversary Frame

Speaking of frames, you can place your amazing photos around your home in the golden 50th Anniversary Frame for $34.99.

50th Anniversary Frame

Plus, all those PhotoPass images around the parks and rides have got to go somewhere, so the EARidescent Photo Album for $34.99

EARidescent 50th Anniversary Photo Album

…and Park Icons Photo Album for $24.99 are the perfect spots to put them as keepsakes.

Park Icons 50th Anniversary Photo Album

Along with collecting photos during your Disney World trip, you can also find themed press pennies around the parks too! And, you can make sure they have a safe spot in the 50th Anniversary Penny Holder

50th Anniversary Penny Holder

…which has areas to press in your pennies for $14.99.

50th Anniversary Penny Holder



You don’t have to go to the parks to have a great time celebrating the 50th anniversary! You can also put together the 1,000 piece 50th Anniversary Puzzle for $24.99 during your next family game night.

50th Anniversary Puzzle

Whether you fasten it on your kids’ backpacks or your own set of keys, the 50th Anniversary Mickey Plush Keychain is a sweet friend to keep with you each day.

50th Anniversary Mickey Plush Keychain

It wouldn’t be a merchandise collection without a few furry friends. And, the new 50th Anniversary Plushes feature popular characters like Chip ‘N Dale…

Chip ‘N Dale Plushes

…Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, and more for $29.99 each.

Pluto Plush

You can also grab a 50th Anniversary-themed truck (a Peterbilt Model 387 Hauler) for $24.99.

50th Truck


You can also snack on a few themed items, depending on what your craving! Need something sweet? Then, you’ll like the 50th Anniversary Jumbo Lollipop for $30.

50th Anniversary Jumbo Lollipop

Or, are you looking for an extra kick of caffeine? Then, the Joffrey’s Coffee 50th Anniversary Blend is the right pick for you…

Joffrey’s Coffee 50th Anniversary Blend

…which also come in Keurig cups for your coffee maker at home for $17.99!

Joffrey’s Coffee Keurig Cups

You can even just freshen up with the 50th Anniversary Celebration Peppermints.

50th Anniversary Celebration Peppermints

But, you might be inclined to bring the 50th Anniversary Celebration Popcorn as a snack to your next Disney movie night!

50th Anniversary Celebration Popcorn

When more 50th anniversary merchandise comes out, we’ll be sure to let you know! Stay tuned for the latest updates from the Disney Parks.

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What are you most excited for at Disney World’s 50th anniversary? Tell us in the comments!

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