Would YOU Pay Extra For FastPass+ In Disney World?

Today, Disneyland Paris announced that they would retire their complimentary FastPass service and introduce Disney Premier Access,” a paid program that would grant a guest access to an expedited wait time for rides and attractions. The cost of the program fluctuates between €8 to €15 per guest, per attraction.


Because of this announcement, many may be wondering if a similar paid system is on the way to Disney World. If that were the case, would you pay?

FastPass+ has been a free service for all guests at Disney World since its paper FastPass system first debuted in 1999.

Who else remembers the old FastPass logo? © Disney

Since then, FastPass has grown into a cornerstone of Disney World planning for countless guests. Whether it’s your first trip or your one hundredth trip, you’ve likely relied on FastPass for making sure you can experience all of your favorite rides and attractions on Disney’s busiest days.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway FastPass Entrance

Since Disney World’s closures in 2020, FastPass+ has been suspended with no word on if or when it will return. In fact, the biggest development regarding the future of FastPass+ may have arrived earlier today with the announcement from Disneyland Paris and the introduction of Disney Premier Access. While we still do not know if or when FastPass+ will return to Disney World, this might be a major clue for how Disney may want to approach their expedited wait time program here in the states.

Would you pay to be able to use the FastPass+ tapstiles again?

The cost of a Disney World vacation continues to rise each and every year, with certain complimentary perks for resort guests like extending evening park hours now reserved for those staying at Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resort hotels. Disney has faced a difficult year financially due to the pandemic, but tacking on fees for a popular service that used to be included in your admission could be a new pain point for many guests.

FastPass+ Sign at Frozen Ever After

Disneyland adopted a paid system called MaxPass in 2017 as a paid option in addition to its complimentary FastPass service. MaxPass allowed guests to make FastPass reservations on their phone without the need to walk to a physical kiosk by the ride’s entrance, providing more convenience for a daily fee per guest. Disneyland has also yet to bring back either FastPass or MaxPass since the parks reopened in April of this year.


FastPass isn’t the only complimentary “perk” facing price hikes. Earlier this year, Disney World suspended sending free MagicBands to their resort guests, instead offering discounts on new MagicBand purchases ahead of their vacation. Guests may also opt to reuse old MagicBands or switch to Disney World’s new MagicMobile system.


While we wait to see what Disney ultimately decides to do with FastPass+ in Florida, it is becoming more and more clear that these “add on” fees could become a more normal part of the guest experience. We’ll be on the lookout for the latest news and we will let you know as soon as we learn more!

Click here to read more about Disneyland Paris’ new paid FastPass program.

Would YOU pay for FastPass+ if it returned with a fee? Let us know in the comments!

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77 Replies to “Would YOU Pay Extra For FastPass+ In Disney World?”

  1. I am spending two days at universal cause thats what my brother and his kids wanted to do. $300 for a 2 day ticket. Then he wanted to do the express pass. So either another $100 per day per person or $450 per night for a hotel for 2.

    I love Harry Potter but when a trip to a theme park costs more than a trip to Hawaii, it just not that much fun.

    We have done WDW at least every other year for the last 30 years. We have so many fun memories. But if they go the route of paid fast passes, I just can’t justify spending that much on a theme park. So no we won’t be doing WDW anymore.

    I do get suppy and demand and Disney doesn’t owe me anything. So if other people are willing to pay it and they can still fill up the park that is their right. I just won’t be helping them fill it.

  2. No I would not pay…not a fan of fast pass..to be on one side of the park and have to run back to the other side for fast pass time is annoying. I go on attractions as I’m there…if I want to at that point. Not to mention having fast pass holders yelling “ losers! “ at us on stand by line is disgusting.

  3. It sounds like Disney is trying to recoup all their lost pandemic-related revenue at one time. Their Resort fees, park entrance fees, food, and merchandise have already gotten too expensive. Throw this outrageous per ride price on top of all of that is just plain downright greed. If and when this happens, my planned trip or trips to Disney will be canceled. Sorry, Disney, I don’t mind spending but I’m not about to let myself get robbed!

  4. Sounds like Disney is trying to recoup all their lost pandemic-related revenue at one time. Their Resort fees, park entrance fees, food, and merchandise have already gotten too expensive. Throw this outrageous per ride price on top of all of that is just plain downright greed. If and when this happens, my planned trip or trips to Disney will be canceled. Sorry, Disney, I don’t mind spending but I’m not about to let myself get robbed!

  5. And the fact that “nothing will deter people from bringing money” is the actual point that people can’t come to grips with. More people want into disney at current prices than makes for a comfortable experience. You gotta raise prices to make some people stay home or go elsewhere. Saying “that’s it, no more disney for me” is the entire point of raising prices for a business. You raise prices until you reach homeostasis with supply and demand. Disney is just like any other expensive commodity. Some people can afford disney, some can afford cheaper vacations. We can’t afford to go the Maldives and aren’t butthurt that others can and do.

  6. And here in lies the secret. Disney, with Mr. Chapek, has come to grips with the one truth. Nothing they do will deter people from bringing them money. They cancel all the perks, magic bands, magical express and so on, increase admission prices and limit attendance (and still make more money with less overhead) and nothing will discourage Disnodes from charging the front gates. After all, we seem to trust Disney more than our employers, more than science, more that any government and certainly more than our own common sense. For those who say “yes, I’d pay more”, just drop off your checkbook at the main entrance.

    1. Well, it’s like choosing to pay for express pass across town…you can have the standard experience for the cost of admission. Or, have an enhanced experience for triple cost (300 instead of 100). It’s no different than paying for a dessert party to not have to camp out for 2 hrs for a fireworks spot. We spend 7000 on a disney vacation. Heck yes we would love to spend 7500 instead for a major experience upgrade. No different than paying more for a better fridge, car, shoes, cotton swabs, etc.

  7. With all the other benefits stripped out, if they make Resort guests pay for FP then that will be the end for many.

    I already see lots of people now staying at Universal rather than WDW resorts as they are more modern, and much cheaper. Sure, some people only visiting for day or two may want to splash out on this but those regular visitors, especially from overseas, are already being priced out an this could be a big mistake from Disney as it is just too expensive now

  8. We’ve been pretty much done with Disney for a few years now. It’s not like it’s getting more expensive because it’s getting so much better. They are removing more and more and people are still handing over their money. I’m getting to the point where I hate Disney.

  9. of course, just like the magical express and extra magic hours, its what you have become used to. Pay up for what used to be a free perk.

  10. “Heeeeeck” yes we would pay for fast pass! If disney would go to something like Express pass, that would make our disney life complete. We don’t care if its by the ride or flat per day or whatever…please take our money for shorter waits disney!

  11. It shouldn’t cost money. But if they are going to charge, it should be a flat rate per person per day like the club level extra FP they did and not by the ride. Not only does by the ride mean popular rides will have long fastpass lines that aren’t fast at all, it means Disney has to refund everyone when the ride breaks and you can’t get on it. One thing to give an “any ride” FP when your selection breaks and it’s free, another to charge someone and then try to make a substitution. If they want shorter FP lines, make them for resort guests only.

  12. Here is the good news – fast pass did not really lower overall wait times. thus if very few people purchase special FP the lines for non fast pass may move faster. Second getting rid of scheduling you trip 60 days would be gone and all the hoops that come with that fisaco.

    It would be a choice – you assign the time value calculation – and if you use this you could go from a 5 day trip to 4 days – thus overall you may save on hotel and food costs. if you dont wish to pay then dont.

    of course they are trying to get more $ from you it is a business –

    Also consider if you have multi generations – you pay for front of the line for the people who love the E ticket stuff and those that don’t ride them don’t pay. Which is what we did when we went to universal – Does Bob C run that park as well – no I am not related to Bob C.

  13. No way would I pay for it. We haven’t been to disney for the last 7 years. We will never go again, they are so overpriced and getting more money hungry. We use to be a season pass holders for years, but they are nickel and diming you. Walt would be turning over in his grave to see his dream to make it affordable for the average family to enjoy the parks. A family of 4 would pay about 450.00 for 1 day tickets, 125.00 for the room, 25.00 to park, and around 100.00 to eat, so that’s 700.00 roughly which could go to a house payment. Disney get your head out of your butt, and think about us little people trying to just have a normal life without going in debt to make their kids happy they are seeing Mickey!!!

  14. No, we will not pay especially if it’s per attraction. We have been going to WDW every year at least once for a very long time. Just yesterday we canceled our September trip for five. Why pay exorbitant prices when we now have to schlep our own luggage (we are Srs), no dining plan, no Fast Passes, and no more resort airline check-in. We have no intentions of standing in long lines for premium prices as we stay onsite and we liked those supposed perks (that we paid for).

  15. If it’s like Paris, it’s about $10-20 per pass, per person, per ride. So, a family of 4 would drop easily the equivalent of a night at a deluxe just on passes each day, or feel insulted by Disney at the extortionate prices. It’d just cause unnecessary bad feelings staying in line than not bringing any passes at
    all. I could see fast pass just for AP or those in resorts, even tiered levels of pass access based on resort level, or a one price pass like Universal, but if it’s like Paris, no! If they do this
    I’m canceling our stay at Beach Club, switching to Hard Rock or Portofino Bay for less and waaay more value…maybe spend 1 day at AK. Heck, selling my shares too. This would create such bad feelings to do it in the US. I’m cashing out before it shows up in altered park attendance.

  16. Other parks like Universal charges for a front of line privilege for many years. I think WDW could have tiered system. No charge for basic Fastpass system, but implement something like MaxPass at Disneyland. I live in CA and have have a love/hate view of the WDW FastPass+ system. I love that I don’t have to wait for one FP time to expire before I can go get my next FP for another ride. However,I never liked having to plan so far in advance when going to WDW. I like to be spontaneous and not have to know months in advance which park I want to go to for that day and have to schedule the rides so far in advance as well. I find it very time consuming.
    They should implement the FastPass system as it is in CA. Keep basic FP for free but you have to go to the FP kiosks that day to get your FP like Disneyland, then charge extra for those who want the convenience of getting three to four FP rides booked the day before without having to go to a kiosk or having to plan it all out so far in advance. I think it would be wrong for everyone to have to pay for something that works well to control the lines. Everyone has different budgets.
    Just got back from an anniversary trip to WDW. I did not really miss the FastPass+ but am sure I would if parks were at full capacity. I’d pay for a FastPass Max type situation but feel everyone should have access to regular FP for no additional cost.

  17. Not a chance. And if they implement this I will sell my DVC contract and won’t come back until Chapak is gone and short sighted money grabbing ideas like this have been undone. it’s the exact opposite of what Walt would have wanted.


  19. We just had 2 WDW trips this year. I think they will be our last. We have been going to Disney for 40 years. I am saddened by their greed. Walt would be sick to see that middle-class families will have a tough time affording the trip. Bye Bye Mickey.

  20. So Disney is basically going back to the A-E tickets with the additional high cost to enter the park. Shame on you! Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave. He established Disneyland for family entertainment that was affordable. Mom & Dad can’t enjoy themselves if they are worried if they have enough money to pay for everything. I know the Disney corporation lost plenty of money to COVID, but guess what – so did the majority of the world! I do not think I will be returning if this new fast pass is to be implemented.

  21. Was planning a Disney vacation of three months (retired RVer),that has been a bucket list item and was just waiting to finalize plans to see if APs would be offered. Even if APs are offered, if WDW puts in this system of paying for Fast Passes or APs paying for parking, I will not be able to afford WDW.The 30k I’ve saved over the last four years to afford this trip would be spent elsewhere. Maybe WDW for 5 days, get a Universal AP and eat at all the great restaurants off property. Walt Disney wanted middle class families to be able to go to Disneyland, which as a kid in So Cal, we did often. But a middle class family can no longer afford Disney. Very sad !!

  22. My husband and I have been going to Disney since 1984 when we were on our honeymoon.
    My 3 girls have grown up going to Disney. It is such a shame that our trip in November will be our last. Even my girls agreed. The price is just too much. The rooms keep going up, you have to pay to park at your hotel now, you have to pay for a magic band, and now they want to charge for fast passes. The price is absolutely ridiculous. The people in France must have much more money if they are going to pay 8 Euros per ride !!! That adds up quickly. The quality of the rides and experiences have also deteriorated. Disney never would have put in that skyliner. First it ruins the beautiful scenery and it has had several accidents. A new monorail system would have been better. Air conditioned, move more people and fewer breakdowns. The merchandise is another thing that is not special. Previously you could only find certain items in a park and no where else on property. Now every store has the same merchandise – boring. We used to spend hundreds on things- now we hardly buy anything. Prices are so out of line and quality is not what it should be.
    Disney should have also thought out the Star Wars experience a little more. They should have put Star Wars and Marvel in their own park and expanded Hollywood Studios into more of a studio again or added to the Toy Story experience. 3 rides – WOW and what about the smaller kids. What do they do in Toy Story land?? Their thinking and planning is way way off. Toy Story had 4 movies and they crammed this into a corner.
    I could go on and on but there is no changing things now.
    So Disney can keep charging for sub par experiences but we won’t be paying for it.
    If they want ideas I have hundreds

  23. As the bumbling Bobs,Iger and Chapek have previously announced…Corporate Disney is beholding only to the Disney stockholder…how they get there with recouping their losses over the past year and creating the ‘guest fee experience” charge is a recipe for demand destruction….

  24. Definitely not. I am a pass holder, I always stay at Disney’s resorts, my family is from PA, and Canada, we go to Disney at least 3 or more times a year. It used to be that late hours would be for the people who stay in DW. Now we get a few hours but we pay extra for more time. I did it. Because you can do more, even though it really is expensive. Pass holders from other states than Florida already spend a lot. Paying for fast pass is not the way to go. Keep rewarding your loyal customers and we will stop coming.

  25. I guess I am torn on this one. Disney is the trip, to my family, is a once every 5 year trip. A trip I do not say no to anything. Universal, Cedar Point, all charge a huge fee to get a fast pass. I know people that pay it at those parks and say it is worth it. I would consider that added fee at the time of booking my next trip. I am not liking the new magic hours, you have to now stay at a deluxe resort for late magic hours. We are night owls and LOVED staying at the park until 2am. But our budget only allows for Value resorts, Deluxe are way out of reach for us.

  26. Disney you suck for trying to make people pay for fastpass it isn’t enough that you guys are so expensive but now you just want to keep taking perks way to guests that can’t afford a luxury hotel I have a Disney trip coming up in August and thus is my first time going but if they keep taking away the perks thus will be the first and the last

  27. It makes me sad that Disney would even consider this! We already pay a lot of money for the Disney experience, and Fast Pass was one of the things that set Disney apart from so many other parks. Don’t do it Disney – you will lose lots of business!

  28. What’s next? You want air to breathe while you are at Disney? You’ll have to pay for it. I am a DVC member. Whenever anyone would ask me about it, I would say “It is not cheap, but you get great accommodations and you have no need to worry about your luggage, a fun bus ride to the resort and back to the airport, early entry or extra hours for staying at a Disney resort, and long lines mitigated somewhat by fast passes that give those staying on property an earlier chance to select fast passes”. All of that gone now. All of that had been rolled into what you pay. All of that needing to be tacked on now to the cost of your vacation. And why does Disney do it? Because people will pay whatever Disney tells them to. I am ‘locked in’ to my DVC contract until 2042. That does not mean I will do the week long stay at Disney or buy the 7 day park hopper pass or go every year. I will scale back to going for 4 or 5 days. Spending more time doing other stuff like hanging by the resort pool. Using my points elsewhere like an RCI resort. And in 2042? Not reup my contract. Nice going, Disney. Walt would be proud.

  29. Straw meet camel’s back. I am also hearing that all characters will be sporting new bright T-shirts that have “A big FU to our loyal guests over the years” emblazoned on both sides.

    Disney has quickly become like every other amusement park(with slightly better theming). The Disney difference used to be evident and mean something… not anymore. They used to care about ALL guests experience… not anymore.

    Time for the trap to snap onto the neck of the Mouse for this family.

  30. I hope they implement the policy and they will.
    Disneyland already charges for this service.

    And I hope they add more fees to other things too. You pay $110 to enter the park to stand in lines for 4 hours the eat frenchfries sitting on a curb because the frystand is the only AC offered to guests without reservations.

    And its packed. Please charge extra for as many things as possible Disney.

    And I will open a bottle of champagne, and celebrate, when the guests finally rebel and close you down without a virus 😁

  31. I am a die hard wdw fan. No way will we pay extra (even just $8 pp) to FP a 3-4 minute ride. If this is what they do, I’m afraid our next trip will be our last. 🙁

    Disney, please stop the greed and consider the guests you are disenfranchising. This system will force a lot of guests to wait in 60+ standby waits all day long and they may not ever wish to return if that is their vacation. What happened to all your research on the number of experiences a guest has in a day that makes her want to return? Your old system made that possible, and we returned many times, and each time for longer trips because it was so great. Now you’re losing us. Is that really what you want?

  32. Absolutely NOT! I am a passholder and have made more than 50 trips in 20 years. They have taken away so many benefits for resort guests already. Extra magic hours used to be 3 hrs after close. I LOVED being in the park til 2AM! They reduced time and days available (was 6 nts/wk at one point), then eliminated. Bringing back but NOT for families on limited budget. Noticed the last resorts to reopen are in the moderate and value categories. Now they want to CHARGE for fastpass???? REALLY?? WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE TO STAYING ON SITE ANYMORE?? They are going to drive off most of the resort guests. In the current economy, most people CANNOT afford the $700-$800/nt Deluxe resort. No wonder Disney World is struggling financially. These cuts will only make their problems worse. Considering canceling my November reservations….

  33. I am the same age as Disneyland i.e. pretty old. When I was a kid we had to buy admission to Disneyland and then the ticket books. [The A,B,C,D,E tickets]

    That Disney is thinking of charging for access to each ride, it reminds me of that system. Which also reminds me that it was a very small cost to get into the park. Maybe Disney should consider dropping park admission to $25 per person. The whole idea of paying over $100 per day to get into the park is to ride all of the rides WITHOUT FURTHER CHARGE!

    Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave that the current Disney is so obviously corporate and with so little magic left.

    I am considering selling my DVC – which was a joy and priviledge for years, now a trial and somewhat of an embarassment.

  34. It doesn’t matter too much what Disney charges for, or what people will pay. The fact is Disney took a huge huge hit for a year and a half. It’s a miracle any theme parks survived. There is no place on earth like Disney World. It is magical. It is immaculately clean. Attention to every detail is apparent. Attractions are familiar, new , exciting and adorable. Disney does its best to make their guests feel valued. It feels like a very safe environment. It is beautifully landscaped. Their employees are spectacular. Why do you think so many millions of people go to Disney Parks? Because you will not find anything as close to paradise. The parks are crowded every day. Wait till people all over the world come back. If Disney loses guests due to cost, the crowds will still come. Where else will you ever find the music, the characters, the fireworks, the attractions, the food, the festivals, the top notch entertainment? Nowhere. I have visited Universal, Seaworld and many other theme parks. They are fine, really they are. But they are not Disney. The excitement is real. No wonder they say, “Welcome Home.” Disney feels like a beautiful home to millions of people. It’s worth every penny. It’s worth saving for. And if you feel it’s not, it might be time to move on

    1. Unfportunatley, Judy, those magic things will be disappearing too. If Disney is planning to get more money out of us by charging more for everything, don’t you think that they are also planning on saving money by not hiring quite as many grounds keepers, store and wait staff, etc.?

  35. I’ve paid for a private tour which is crazy expensive. My kids deplore waiting in line. Id be willing to pay for fastpass to attractions especially if it meant being able to hit all the big rides without minimal wait.

  36. I cannot say yes or no at this time. However, the price of tickets is already crazy and now there is a chance that Disney may charge for a service that was once free. This would be hard to swallow. “Greed” comes to mind when I consider Disney doing this. I am a ten year DVC member and I fear the day may come when all I can afford to do is just spend time at my resort.

  37. My family has been visiting Disney World about twice a year for almost 20 years. Recently, the magic has been disappearing with rising costs, fewer perks and mind numbing crowds. The worst was when a scooter rolled over my foot and my daughter was groped while in a hoard of people during the December crowd madness. A few years ago my husband informed me that we could take a week long cruise with shore excursions and the drink package for the same cost as 4 days/nights at Disney. The cruise was fabulous! Needless to say, we have expanded our vacation options and have found that we do not miss Disney as much as I expected we would.

  38. I would happily pay extra. I feel bad for families, but I’m a single adult and am not going want to ride everything. Spending some money on the stuff that I really want to see without having to reserve a spot months in advance, like it was before, would encourage me to actually try going to a Disney park for once. With that system it might also make the FastPass actually mean “FAST” again instead of the default way you have to enjoy the park if you want your time respected in the slightest. I also recognize that pleasing antisocial a-holes like myself will probably be a negative in the long run as I’m not the audience they should be shooting for.

  39. I would pay addition fees for fastpass and extended park hours because I dont normally stay at Deluxe resorts or villas and have a handicap that prevents standing in long lines. 25+ trips to WDW have taught me spend less on accommodations and instead budget the modey for additional attractions, dining, and shows anyway.

  40. As guests start planning there Disney trip this year who are not informed because they do not know about sites like All Ears boy are they going to be disappointed big time when they find out no magical express starting January 1st and even now no luggage service, almost all entertainment is shut down, no fast passes or new annual passes, only deluxe resorts have extended night time hours, costs of food increased, no parades and that’s not counting airfare and rental car price hikes. Don’t get me wrong We have been going to Disney 2-3 times a year since 2004 but I’m sorry I can not justify what our income is and what the cost of a 1 week trip to Disney sets us back its now time to spend our hard earned dollars elsewhere.

  41. Really Disney? Paying for FastPasses?
    Unless you sell toilet paper or hand sanitizer, 2020 hit us ALL financially.
    Your way to thank your loyal following is to impose yet another financial penalty? I just don’t understand. Its bad enough that I must pay to park my car at my hotel (even if its a cabin with a parking pad right next to it), I must now pay extra for a fast pass? Why even stay at the resort- what advantage am I really getting if I don’t stay in a Deluxe resort and pay those premiums? The “Magic” should happen for all park guests.This nickle and diming your fanbase is not what Disney was based on and is not something I will continue to financially support!

    1. While I agree with you 100% on the main issue, I would not use the phrase “nickel and dining”. This is well beyond that level of price gouging. We have visited WDW about thirty times since the 1990s. Not anymore. Too much hassle to do anything…all the spontaneous joy has been sucked right out. We go to the parks to avoid all the planning that life requires.

  42. Disney is pricing itself out of the market for most people from cost and even for those of us who could afford it, we have to say is it worth it? Most of us work really hard for our money, so even if you can afford it, is it worth $10-15 dollars pp to stand in a shorter line for rides that are on average are 3-5 minutes. For a family of 4 that is 40-60$/ride!!! That averages out to around $10 a minute or $600/hour for a family of four.

    Unless you in the 1% with so much money you do not know what to do with it, this is insane. It seems inevitable that free FastPass was leaving, but the price point at DL-Paris is absurd. I may pay for something, but I am not paying $10/minute to ride a theme park ride. I work way too hard for my money.

  43. Well it looks like the new Disney decade has arrived…The decade of Greed. How else do you pay for new board members. Simple raise all the prices take away anything that benefits the guest and squeeze the life out of the customer.

  44. I absolutely would not pay a separate fee for a fast pass. This non-stop stream of increasing prices for reduced experiences has me, and my group of friends, considering saying goodbye to our Disney vacations.

  45. I was happy to use MaxPass in DL when it was $10 & when it was raised to $15 per day I was even okay with that as it is a great service. However, by the info in the article, it lists the cost as per person AND per attraction. 15 Euros is approx $17 right now. If it were $17 per person per day, I would pay it. If it is $68 for a family of 4 to ride ONE attraction without a wait, that’s just ridiculous and there is no way I’d pay it, even if i had an extra couple hundred dollars to spend.

  46. We all knew this would happen eventually. It’s only a matter of time before this happens at both U.S. parks.

    What will I pay? For most rides, $0. I have never bought any skip the lines passes at any other regional park, and never used a Universal Express pass, either.

    However, I fear that it may be necessary to buy something like this to experience the newer rides, especially Rise of the Resistance. As I have spent $30 per person to play the Star Wars experience that used to be at The Void at Disney Springs, I would be willing to pay that much to ride Rise of the Resistance if I had to.

  47. If Disney starts charging for the Fast pass I will stop going to Disney. I will not pay for any kind of Fast pass period.

  48. I think paying for fast pass is bunk when you spend to stay onsite you end up paying more for food and lodging. Everytime you have to pay for something that was free it is the same as raising the price. Disney keeps raising the price at the parks in the united states’. I think Disney should be raising the price ovetsees

  49. I would not pay for fastpasses, and i hope that Disney goes back to the old kiosk system (maybe without the paper passes though).

    I hate the newer version of fastpasses which was the my disney experience fastpass system on the phone. It only gave you access to one ride worth using a fastpass for per day. I would rather go up to a kiosk and type in the code on the back of my magic band and get a pass that way. I hate having to use my phone all day in the parks.

    Also, if your party doesnt all buy tickets in advance, the fastpass system on my disney experience sucks completely. People who purchased tickets in advance traveling with those who get tickets at the park have no way of getting the same time for a fastpass unless they risk getting awful choices and bad times on the day of while they are already at the park. This is why we don’t go to Disney often anymore.

    I don’t like the overplanning and micromanagement that Disney forces on guests.

  50. I always thought they kind of “added” that into the package price anyway. But honestly it depends on the price. If it’s another bust like Boo Bash, nope, can’t see me doing it. So I have to wait a little. I’m hearty I can take it. To save $3-400? Yep. So definitely depends on price. Oh and how long I’m staying.

    1. I too have been traveling to WDW 3,4 even 5 times a year, being our first choice for vacations and getaways. As I have seen it slowly getting rid of live music, troupes and other entertainment and then quickly raising prices for add ons, I think this move with Fast Pass would break me. If it’s true, time to find another go to worth the $$.

  51. In all honesty…. No

    I’ve been going since I was born, I was in the college program in 2011. I have watched prices increase year after year and I now have a wife and son who have never been.

    However Disney is quickly becoming more and more “pay to win” with all of these new add ONS and subtractions of old perks.

    I’ll hold out for official news, but if this ends up happening my extending family and I may have to talk about it because I kind of want to be done.

  52. I would most certainly pay for a separate fastpass system. Eliminate the free ones all together unless they went back to the old way of having to physically be there to collect ticket, or add max pass like Disneyland. A paid program would eliminate some of the fast pass plus congestion we see now. I wouldn’t make it per ride but per day like othe rpark chains do (i.e. Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Seaworld parks etc).

  53. Is that saying 8-15 euros each time you want to get the “faster” line? Not a chance. I think it would make us not go or want to go anymore. It’s already been a few years.

  54. Disney continues to raise prices and reduce perks and service. Paying another fee would for Fastpass+ would probably be just enough to have me go elsewhere on vacation. The greed has gone from legendary to ridiculous. I know of others who have looked at the added costs and decreased services and decided not to go. I can’t imagine more costs would change their minds.
    I suspect that Fastpass+ hasn’t returned only because Disney is trying to determine how to roll it out as an additional fee. Long term effects on the bottom line will not be positive as more people realize that there is no difference between Disney and any other attractions and go elsewhere.

  55. Pay per ride per time of day is crappy… I would much rather pay one fee up front for the ability to use fastpass all day if we are going to have to pay for it in general!

  56. This would be a huge disservice to Disney. My family is working middle class ad we have to save up for 3 years and only travel every 4th year. Increasing costs for the trip are hard enough to save for and now if this is going to be implemented, I am not sure if we could afford the extra cost per ride, per person. PLEASE keep the fast pass system for the visitors, especially those who stay in a WDW resort.

  57. I’d pay if it were simple, like “add on $20 per guest for fast pass” when you book a package with hotel stay but I think a system where you pay different amounts per ride would be too complicated in something as big as WDW. DLP is much smaller and people’s trips are usually shorter.

    1. I’ve been saying for years that paid FastPass is where I draw the line. I’ve been pretty unhappy with Disney for years, but if they charge for FastPass I’ll be done.