NEWS: Your Disney’s Magical Express Check-In Process Will Look a Bit Different Soon

Earlier this year Disney announced that they would be discontinuing Disney’s Magic Express transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport on January 1st, 2022.

Disney’s Magical Express

And, while guests can still take advantage of the service until this date, there’s a new change to the process that you’ll want to keep in mind.

According to Disney’s website, they will no longer be mailing Disney’s Magical Express confirmation paperwork to guests prior to their departure beginning July 1st. Traditionally, this was something that guests needed to check-in at the welcome desk at the Orlando airport.

Disney’s Magical Express

Instead, guests will be asked to use either their MagicBands or the MagicMobile feature in the My Disney Experience app to check in at Disney’s Magical Express Welcome Center at the airport.


Guests who do not have a MagicBand or MagicMobile will still be able to check in at the welcome center, they will just need to have their ID with them to retrieve the reservation manually.

DME Check-in Desk

If you’re planning an upcoming trip and will be using Disney’s Magical Express, Disney is recommending that you have your round-trip flight information at the time that you book prior to booking your vacation. This will reduce the need to retrieve your reservation manually at the welcome center.

Of course, we will continue to keep an eye out for more updates about Disney’s Magical Express services, so stay tuned for the latest!

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7 Replies to “NEWS: Your Disney’s Magical Express Check-In Process Will Look a Bit Different Soon”

  1. I did write to Disney & I did hear back. They said we are sorry you are upset & basically there are pay car services you can use. Honestly now you have to pay to park at a hotel that you are paying MINIMUM 190 per night to stay at ( Pop Century) & no magical express if you fly instead. Are their Billions of dollars not enough?

    I’ll be curious to see if the dining plan comes back which I buy but I know they make a fortune off of.
    It’s sad that it now takes me a few years to save up for vacation when the entire reason for these parks were so family’s can spend the day having fun.

    Don’t get me wrong Disney customer service is beyond reproach but 4 grand for 6 days is kind of insane.

  2. The Mears service next year will be ok but I would really like to see the luggage handling brought back. That is such a huge perk!

  3. 2.3 million Disney guests use Magical Express every year. Where is the outcry..? Please reconsider this decision! MCO airport is huge and confusing enough now. The thought of finding safe, reliable transportation to our resort and back to the airport is overwhelming. We will pay whatever it takes! How about $50 per family? Per person? Don’t make us find our own transportation . We relied and trusted this service. It is a vital part of being a Disney Vacation Club member. Cut any corners you can, but please not this one.

    1. Where is the outcry? People have been screaming about this (Both in their living rooms and on line) since it was announced. I’ve written several emails to Disney about it and heard nadda from Disney. They are taking the run silent, run deep approach to this. Don’t ask guests what they want or need, don’t ask for feedback, don’t, as you suggest, ask if they are willing to pay extra for this service (don’t even begin to ask “Isn’t this already factored into the room price?”). Instead don’t reply to the guests, don’t make any statement like “We feel your pain”, and don’t say “Instead we are looking into…”. All we hear is how wonderful the high speed train service from Disney Springs will be and there’s always UBER. This will not change until people start to say “Headed to Universal instead or going to St. Thomas. Disney just ain’t worth the hassle anymore”.

    2. Before ME (& UBER/Lyft) many people depended on Mears Transportation which was very reasonably priced and ran basically just like ME does today. When you made a Disney ressie back then, you typically received info on how to prepay for the Mears roundtrip transportation and the process was simple and not a budget buster at all. It would be nice to see someone talk to Mears (Are you listening AllEars?) and get the lowdown on what plans they have to pick up the slack after ME shuts down. To be honest, I never did understand why Disney didn’t start the ME system as a paid add on. In looking back, I think I’m accurate to say ME began about the same time Universal started gaining traction in the Orlando area and I’m wondering if ME wasn’t a complimentary offering to make Disney look easier to visit. I’m with everyone else, I think ending ME is a poorly thought out move on Disney’s part. As an Average Joe family with over 40 family trips to WDW from middle TN area since 1994, it sure seems Disney no longer wants the Average Joe families business any more. IDK where people are getting the money to live the Disney dream like Disney wants you too now. I resigned to the fact that a week in Disney would be a 10K+ vaca years ago, but now if you stay on prop in a nice location, pay for most of the extras, eat some decent meals, and take in a special add on night in a park, 10K won’t get close to paying the tab. I know I’m getting off subject here, but Disney better hope the deep pocketed guest they are relying on these days never grow tired of the mouse because typical middle America cannot afford to make Disney an annual(or more) vacation destination like we have in the past.

  4. You haven’t needed the paperwork in a few years, just the magicbands for each person in the party. Scan it and go.