PHOTOS: We Didn’t Expect This Part of Universal’s VelociCoaster to Be Impressive!

The time has finally come: VelociCoaster is here! Well, for Annual Passholders it is


Now that the most anticipated ride at Universal Orlando has roared into action, we’re savoring every little detail of this incredible experience. Unsurprisingly, the queue is practically as intricate and fascinating as the ride itself, right down to the free lockers. 

For a ride as meticulous and immersive as VelociCoaster, one that’s been wildly anticipated since its announcement, we expected to be impressed with its design and theme — and we were not disappointed!  

Raptor Statue

That obviously pertains to the actual roller coaster, but also to the highly detailed queue, which is filled with all kinds of prehistoric eye candy! 


One of the coolest aspects was something that typically gets seriously overlooked in ride queues: lockers! Like many rides at Universal Orlando, free lockers are provided for guests to place their belongings as they zoom through the air at raptor-speed. But these aren’t your typical storage lockers.


These look like something out of an InGen employee facility (aka International Genetics Incorporated from Jurassic Park), decorated with different colors and dinosaurs, like Mosasaurus and Pteranodon. 


To use the lockers, which are built into the queue right after a veritable cavalcade of raptors, simply scan your park ticket barcode in the designated slot, which opens a locker door for you. Retain your park ticket, and once you’re done with the ride, you’ll see the same lockers in a different room, since they’re double-sided. How cool!!

Easy to Access

And, in case you’re worried that your belongings won’t fit in the provided lockers, there’s a compartment outside of the ride to help you determine if they’ll fit. If not, there are paid lockers nearby in the Discovery Center.


It’s all part of an amazing and immersive experience in Jurassic World, and it’s these little extra touches and details that really make us feel like we’ve been transported to Isla Nublar! Check back with us for more from VelociCoaster’s previews!

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Are you planning to ride VelociCoaster when it opens? Let us know in the comments!

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