VIDEOS: Take a Look at VelociCoaster’s Epic Queue at Universal Orlando!

Today marks the beginning of Annual Passholder Previews for Universal Orlando’s new VelociCoaster!

Oh yeah. We’re ready.

We’ve already shared a first look from our experience at the coaster’s preview, but we think there’s a part that deserves a little extra attention — the queue! Let’s check it out.

As you enter the queue for VelociCoaster, you’re greeted by none other than velociraptors — giving you a warning about what you’re in for during your journey.

Let’s go!!

Like most rides in Disney World and Universal Orlando right now, there are social distancing markers in the queue.

Distancing Markers

Lots of Passholders turned out for the preview today!

You’ll encounter some exciting folks while you wait in line, like Mr. DNA!!

And there’s no question that raptors are the star of the show here — they’re everywhere throughout the queue.


Plus, there’s lots of cool, themed lighting that makes everything seem a little more intense.

There are also lots of awesome and eye-catching props throughout the queue featuring some iconic favorites like Dr. Ian Malcolm.

There he is!

We weren’t kidding when we said raptors are everywhere in the queue. You’ll pass some dinos that are restrained via muzzle. Pretty scary, huh?

They’re lurking all around! Is that a tail we see?? You can see the raptors chasing after the coaster when it initially launches.

Trouble is around the corner

Dr. Henry Wu stops by to chat.

Hey there!

For the ride, guests have to secure their belongings in lockers like most of the bigger rides at Universal Orlando. They’re built into the queue.

In-queue Lockers

Before you get in line, there are compartments to make sure that your bags fit into the lockers.

So you’ll know everything fits!

And of course, you’ll see Owen Grady and Claire Dearing. Owen seems to think that this “raptor run” isn’t the best idea because the raptors are dangerous and hungry (he might be right). Soon after, it’s time to take off!!

VelociCoaster was one of the most fun roller coasters we’ve ever experienced! We’ll be sharing more about our time riding VelociCoaster so be sure to check back with us. And if you want to ride it yourself, its grand opening date is June 10th!

A FULL Look at the VelociCoaster During Universal Passholder Previews!

Are you excited to ride VelociCoaster? Tell us in the comments!

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One Reply to “VIDEOS: Take a Look at VelociCoaster’s Epic Queue at Universal Orlando!”

  1. This looks way too scary and completely insane!!!!! What are these people thinking??????? People have completely lost their minds!!!!! I am with Owen Grady on this one!!!! This is not a good idea!!!!!!