The Power of Imagination is at Your Feet With This New Craft from Disney!

Anyone else need help achieving their 2021 fitness goal? This runDisney DIY might be the magical motivation you’ve been looking for!


As runDisney theme park events like the Star Wars Revival Run Weekend return for 2021, give your training a boost with a shoe tutorial inspired by the champion of imagination — Figment the dragon! Let us show you how to add wings to your workout.

In this tutorial, runDisney encourages readers to “let your imagination run wild” with this simple, at-home craft.

Orange foam sheet, hole punch, pencil (to trace your wing design), scissors, orange paint or glitter glue (optional), ©runDisney

Start with these supplies:

  • Orange craft foam sheet
  • Hole punch
  • Chalk or white pencil (for tracing)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Orange paint or glitter glue

Though runDisney recommends orange foam and glitter, we see plenty of room for customization with this craft! Kids (and kids at heart) can create “friends of Figment” wings with their own unique color schemes!

After you gather your supplies, simply trace your wings, cut them out, and punch holes for your laces!

Lace up your wings! ©runDisney

Feel free to add glitter, paint, and other extras—it’s all about imagination! Then lace up and get ready to soar!

Finished product! ©runDisney

There you have it! This DIY from runDisney is great way to make a big impact with little effort. Note: if the wings flap while you run, you’re doing it right. 😉

Want the scoop on runDisney events? Click here for more information!

What kind of wings will you create: classic Figment, or something totally new? Let us know in the comments below!

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