AllEars TV: This Challenge Gets DIRTY in Disney World

It’s time for another Disney World Ultimate Race! Molly and Quincy are taking on the Magic Kingdom, and things get heated.

Will Molly maintain her perfect record? What lengths will Quincy go to to get her first win? Find out on our most exciting episode yet!

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2 Replies to “AllEars TV: This Challenge Gets DIRTY in Disney World”

  1. I have an idea for the ultimate race. I was watching National Treasure and it gave me an idea. Why don’t you have the contestants go on a treasure hunt with clues. Whoever wins the march madness championship of the ultimate race must find the treasure

  2. This was my favorite episode ever. Quincy finally won and beat Molly. I hope that they face each other in the final. Quincy vs Molly round 4. They are my favorite pairing. Things are gonna get downright nasty. I can’t wait