‘WandaVision’ Answered Some BIG Questions — But Left Us With MANY More

Hey there WandaVision fans! Welcome back to another episode of “AllEars dissects this week’s show because we’re completely hooked on WandaVision!”


We’ve been dedicated fans of the new Marvel series since it first premiered last month, and we’ve been hard at work trying to figure out what’s REALLY going on in WestView, New Jersey. As we get closer to the finale, we get more answers, but at the same time, things become more unclear. Episode 7 was no different, and we’ve got a LOT of questions!

WARNING: GIGANTIC spoilers for WandaVision episode 7 and basically every episode up until this point. You have been warned!

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Questions That Were Answered This Week

Does Monica Have Powers?

Well, if she didn’t before, she certainly does now! Last week, we heard Darcy explain that going through the hex changed Monica’s cells on a molecular level. This left many fans wondering if Monica had developed special superpowers.


In this week’s episode, she fought tooth and nail to get back inside WestView, and along the way, we saw her transformed — her eyes even changed color! She kept her own mind going into the hex (which others haven’t been able to do), and she even went toe-to-toe with Wanda, coming out unscathed. We didn’t exactly get a showdown between the two of them, but it would be pretty cool to watch!


We’re not entirely sure what her powers do, but hopefully, we’ll find out in coming episodes. We definitely need more Monica action!

What’s Going on With Pietro?

We were quite surprised to see that Wanda recast her brother Pietro in episode 5, and then he was acting pretty suspicious in episode 6. Now we know that he was really being controlled by Agnes the whole time (more on that in a minute).


We’re not really sure how he got here or where he came from, but at least we know why he’s been acting so strange — totally not like the Pietro we know from the MCU.

What Happened to Darcy When the Hex Expanded?

At the end of episode 6, Wanda expanded the hex to save Vision, and in the process she captured Darcy. It left us wondering what Darcy would be doing from here on out and if she’d be under Wanda’s spell.


When Vision wakes up, he spots and recognizes Darcy, who is now an escape artist for the circus troupe (clever, since she was chained to the truck). Vision uses his powers on her as he did on Norm, and she returns to her former self, remembering the world outside of WestView and her mission. For most of this episode, the two of them are attempting to get back to Wanda and Vision’s house, with little success.

What Happened to Hayward, Monica, and Jimmy?

As the hex was expanding, we saw Hayward, Monica, and Jimmy attempting to escape. In this week’s show, we learned that all of them successfully made it out, and Hayward has set up a new camp with a much more limited staff (considering most of his old staff were turned into circus people!)


Monica and Jimmy also made it past the barrier, although Monica later chooses to run through it again after the expertly-designed vehicle she’s been waiting for doesn’t work. So, at the end of episode 7, we’ve got Monica and Darcy inside, with Jimmy and Hayward outside.

What’s Going on With Agnes?

Okay, let’s be honest…Agnes has been suspicious from the beginning. Sure, she’s hilarious and charming, but weird things happen when she’s around the children and she seems to know WAY more than the other residents of this town. At the end of episode 7, we finally found out why!


It was a twist that most Marvel comics fans saw coming, but Agnes revealed herself to be a witch named Agatha Harkness. Wanda discovered her creepy basement lair when looking for her children, and Agnes approached her and said “You didn’t think you were the only magical girl in town, did you?”


A montage song then plays, titled “Agatha All Along”, revealing that it was Agnes behind many of the town’s misfortunes and unusual events. While she didn’t create WestView, she certainly swooped in to cause chaos.

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But Now We Have Even MORE Questions!

Are Wanda’s Powers About to Break Down?

She just expanded the massive hex, and she was already struggling to control those people on the edge of it. In episode 7, the people on the edge of town are surprisingly lively, but Wanda pays the price, as her surroundings begin to glitch, change, and rearrange without her permission. What repercussions will this have going forward?


What is Happening Next With Agatha and Wanda?

We don’t yet know WHY Agatha/Agnes is in WestView, but we’re very curious to find out what happens next with her and Wanda. Typically, villains don’t let you stumble upon their creepy basement lair and then just walk away and tell all your friends. We have a feeling the beginning of next week’s episode is going to be pretty intense (a battle between the two, maybe?).


Will Vision Or Wanda’s Children Be Able to Leave the Hex?

Somehow Wanda is keeping Vision alive, but leaving the hex nearly killed him. And the children were created inside the hex, never having existed outside. So…what happens when any of Wanda’s boys try to leave? Will they all have to stay in WestView forever?


Speaking of Children…Where Are They?

Billy and Tommy are mysteriously absent from the end of this episode, leaving us very concerned. The whole nature of the children is also very confusing still — how did Wanda create them? Are they real? Either way, we’re worried for them, because children being kidnapped by an evil witch is almost never good.


Who Was Preventing Darcy and Vision from Getting Home?

When Darcy and Vision try to travel back to the house, obstacles keep getting in their way. Red lights, maintenance workers, and even children crossing the street. Vision believes that it’s Wanda keeping him from coming home, but we’re wondering if it was Agnes instead. Maybe she really wanted a chance to get Wanda alone!


What Happened to Monica?

If you watched the mid-credits scene, then you saw Monica snooping around Agnes’s house. She discovers the basement and opens the door to see the eerie vines and glowing purple magic, only to be caught by Pietro. The screen blacks out and we don’t know what happened next. Did Monica escape? Can she take on Pietro with her new powers?


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Who is REALLY the Bad Guy Here?!

Okay, we know that today’s episode revealed that Agnes was behind much of the mischief in town, but it’s only episode 7! Would Marvel really reveal the true villain to us right now, or are they trying to distract us from what’s actually going on? Is there another “big bad” who Agnes is reporting to? We’ve got a strong hunch that there’s more to it than what we know already.


Well, that’s all of our questions from the latest episode of WandaVision. We can’t wait to get more answers in the next few weeks and continue sharing our thoughts with all of you!

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