MORE Discounted MagicBands Available for Disney Hotel Guests and Passholders

If you’re staying at a Disney World Hotel, you won’t get a free MagicBand for your stay anymore. And Annual Passholders are now very limited in terms of their choices for free MagicBands.

2021 MagicBands

If you still want to get a new MagicBand for your upcoming trip, you can buy one. But, you might not have to pay full price! Both Annual Passholders and Disney hotel guests have the chance to buy some MagicBands at a pretty good discount. And now 7 MORE designs are available for APs and hotel guests to snag on sale! 

A huge thank you to @schreiberjoe on Instagram for sharing this info with us. Let’s take a look at the MagicBands that you could pre-order at a discount right now!

Is this your first to trip to Disney World or the first trip for someone in your party? There are quite a few awesome ways you can commemorate this occasion, including by getting this 1st Visit MagicBand. The MagicBand is typically priced at $29.99, but Annual Passholders and Disney hotel guests can pre-order it for just $20.


Not your first time visiting Disney World, but you just want to celebrate that you’re visiting in 2021? Then you might want to grab this 2021 MagicBand. It’s got all kinds of colored blocks and stripes, park icons, images of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and more. We’ve seen this MagicBand in the parks already priced at $29.99, but Annual Passholders and hotel guests can pre-order it for $15. That’s a pretty good savings.


Celebrating a birthday at Disney World can be incredibly special. If you or someone in your party will be celebrating a birthday, you could grab them this Happy Birthday MagicBand as a little treat. The MagicBand features Mickey Mouse on top of cupcakes and more Mickey shapes all around. Honestly, it’s making us sort of hungry for a cupcake. It’s typically priced at $29.99, but APs and hotel guests can pre-order it for $20.


Stitch is crashing Disney movies and now he can crash your vacation too with the Hawaii Stitch MagicBand. APs and hotel guests can say “aloha” to this band and pre-order it for just $10(!!) when it’s regularly priced at $24.99. That’s MORE than 50% off.


APs and hotel guests can also pre-order this fun Family Vacation 2021 MagicBand at a discount too. The MagicBand has the castle on it along with Tinker Bell, fireworks, and more. It would normally be priced at $29.99, but if you are an AP or hotel guest you can pre-order it for $20.


Finally, for those who are recently married, celebrating their honeymoon at Disney World, or who are just living happily ever after, there are Bride and Groom MagicBands on sale too. The Bride MagicBand has a bedazzled look with a Minnie Bride Ear hat on it. APs and hotel guests can pre-order it for $20 (comparable value: $29.99).


The groom one is more simple with a black design and Mickey Groom Ear hat design. This can be pre-ordered for $20 (comparable value: $29.99).


Again, all of these are available at a discount only for Disney hotel guests or Annual Passholders. They must be pre-ordered though to get them at that discounted price. So, be sure to pre-order them while they’re still available.

We’ll look for more Disney news and be sure to share that with you!

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