How This Popular Disney Movie Helped in Solving a Cold Case (Yes, Really!)

Disney animated films are always filled with loveable characters, adventure, and, of course, a happy ending. That’s why we love watching them so much!


When a new movie is released, you bet that television screens around the world come to life as kids and adults alike fall in love with new characters and storylines. And, sometimes these fantasy tales can even create happy endings in real life. At least that was the case when researchers watched Disney’s Frozen.

According to Wired, researchers were able to solve a 62-year-old cold case
(no pun intended) using technology from the film! Back in 1959, a group of nine Russian adventurers set off into the snowy mountains and were found nearly a month later in Dyatlov Pass.

Not much was known about the cause of the deaths, but theories suggested that an avalanche was responsible. But, how could an avalanche cause that much damage? That’s when researchers turned to Disney.


Researchers on the case were impressed by the accuracy with which the Disney’s Frozen portrayed the avalanche and turned to Disney animators to help simulate the catastrophe that would have struck back in 1959.

FROZEN 2 behind-the-scenes. Photo by Mark Von Holden. © 2019 Disney

Using the technology, researchers discovered that it is quite likely that an avalanche could have caused the wounds found on the nine adventurers, confirming the theory and putting conspiracies to bed.

Frozen 2 ©Disney

Add that to our list of mind-blowing Disney facts! While we’ve seen plenty of behind-the-scenes trivia from Disney films, this is certainly the first time we’ve seen the technology actually assist in a cold case!

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