The AllEars Mickey Outfit Throwdown Continues! Which Outfits Made The Cut?

We’re back for round two of our 2021 Mickey’s Outfit Throwdown!

Mickey Mouse Tusker House

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you know that we’re on the hunt for the BEST Mickey outfit! In this ultimate showdown, we’re having YOU vote on which one is the best!

We’re narrowing the list down quickly! This round we had to say goodbye to some more stylish ensembles, but let’s see who made the cut!

Mickey’s Outfit Throwdown

Classic Mickey won the first showdown with a landside and the strong lead is still going! Christmas Mickey sure is cute but his classic outfit won by a landslide with 74% of votes!

Classic vs. Christmas

Halloween is long over and so is your love for his outfit. Safari Mickey came in with 57% of the votes, taking the W.

Safari vs. Halloween

Farmer Mickey stood no chance against the iconic Sorcerer Mickey who took 87% of the votes! Sorry Farmer Mickey, we’ll still come to visit you at Garden Grill in Epcot!

Farmer vs. Sorcerer

Pirate Mickey takes the stage on Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Dream, but his mighty ensemble didn’t stand a chance against Tuxedo Mickey. Mickey cleans up nice with 70% of votes!

Pirate vs. Tuxedo

Mickey always ‘seas’ his way to our hearts so this was a close competition! But, Captain Mickey collected 56% of the votes to come in the lead.

Captain vs. Steamboat Willie

We’re staying goodbye to all the holiday-themed Mickey outfits as Dapper Mickey pulled into the lead! His dapper outfit won by 86% over Pilgrim Mickey.

Dapper vs. Pilgrim

And lastly, Dapper Mickey wins in a close race, leading Baseball Mickey with 59% of votes!

Newsies vs. Baseball

Stay tuned to our Instagram stories for part 3 of the first round. We look forward to seeing who stays and who will go, and it’s all up to YOU!

Look back on the results from Round 1 of the Mickey Outfit Throwdown!

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Did your favorites make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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