How Much Did a Disney World Ticket Cost the Year You Were Born?

Disney World just celebrated 50 years of bringing magic to park guests!

Cinderella Castle

While the past few years have brought some major changes in the parks like new rides, restaurants, entertainment, and merchandise, the past 50 years have also seen major fluctuations in ticket prices as well. We were thinking it might be fun to take a look back at how much a one-day trip to Disney World cost during the year you were born!


Over the decade, the ticket costs only saw a small price increase of $3.50 during Disney World’s first decade of opening! The lowest ticket cost was in 1971 as the park opened at $3.50 with 1979 sitting at $7.

1970’s Ticket Costs

1971: $3.50

1972: $3.75

1973: $4.50

1974: $5.25

1975: $6

1976: $6

1977: $6

1978: $6.50

1979: $7


As Disney World’s popularity picked up steam, so did the increase in its ticket costs. The decade saw an increase of $21.50, starting at $7.50 in 1980…

1980’s Ticket Costs

…with a high of $29.

1980’s Ticket Costs

1980: $7.50 (March), $8 (November)

1981: $9.50

1982: $13.25 (June), $15 (September)

1983: $17

1984: $17 (February), $18 (June)

1985: $19.50 (June), $21.50 (November)

1986: $23 (March), $24.50 (June), $26 (December)

1987: $28

1988: $28

1989: $29


Although the tickets in the 1990s were a bit more expensive than at the end of the 1980s, there was only a price increase of $13. The low sat at $31 in 1990…

1990’s Ticket Costs

…with the high at the end of 1999 closing at $44.

1990’s Ticket Costs

1990: $31

1991: $33

1992: $34

1993: $35

1994: $36

1995: $37

1996: $38.50

1997: $39.75

1998: $42

1999: $44


However, there was a pretty big leap in the 2000s as the $33 increase stretched over the decade. The low remained at $46…

2000’s Ticket Costs

…before jumping up to $79 at the end of 2009.

2000’s Ticket Costs

2000: $46

2001: $48

2002: $50

2003: $52

2004: $52 (February), $54.75 (March)

2005: $59.75

2006: $63 (January), $67 (August)

2007: $71

2008: $75

2009: $75 (May), $79 (August)


Despite the fact that one-day tickets had largely kept a certain one-cost price, Disney World switched to different tiers during the decade. On the lower side of the tiers, the increase was $27, while the higher side’s increase was $77.

2010’s Ticket Costs

The parks began to shift to tickets for Magic Kingdom vs. the other parks in 2013, then changed to tiered tickets in 2016 and even holiday tiers in 2019. The lowest cost sat at $82 with the highest at $159.

2010’s Ticket Costs

2010: $82

2011: $85

2012: $89

2013: $95 for Magic Kingdom, $90 for other parks

2014: $99 for Magic Kingdom, $94 for other parks

2015: $105 for Magic Kingdom, $97 for other parks

2016: $124 Peak, $110 Regular

2017: $124 Peak, $115 Regular, $107 Value

2018: $129 Peak, $119 Regular, $109 Value

2019: $159 Holiday, $139 Peak, $125 Regular, $117 Value, $107 Low


As Disney World has seen park closures and re-openings throughout 2020 and 2021, the prices have largely stayed the same with the lowest tickets costing $109 and the highest cost $159 during the holidays.

2020’s Ticket Costs

As Disney World continues into 2023, we’ll be sure to give you updates on ticket prices and other important information before you head back to the parks!

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Do you have special memories from a specific year in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Replies to “How Much Did a Disney World Ticket Cost the Year You Were Born?”

  1. How much did a Disney World Ticket cost the year I was born? It cost nothing because Disney World didn’t exist yet. Disneyland was only a few years old then as well. lol I have been to Disney World multiple times since and I love it. Already planning my next visit probably in 2022. Hoping some things will be back to normal by then. I went in the fall of 2020 and I really did enjoy myself even with all of the modifications.

  2. Some of my best memories growing up (90s child) were at Disney. It makes me so sad that now you have to sacrifice your firstborn child for an annual pass. It was such a privilege growing up in Florida and getting to go multiple times a year.

  3. Admission in 1974 my first trip didn’t include any rides. That was the A-E tickets and not sure the E ticket was a thing yet.

  4. LOL- That $15.00 1982 admission ticket for the park and unlimited rides which had phased in by that point replacing the “A-E ticket books” would be around $42.00 today adjusted for inflation (which would be a 170% increase) but… it’s $109.00 for a low ticket and a 159.00 for a peak ticket. Now, granted, buying several days worth of tickets brings the overall price down from the single day high. I’m not sure when that multi-day staggering took effect although it was in place during my first visit in 2005 or how it impacts the overall calculation but even still- that’s a huge increase over the pace of inflation.