PHOTOS: EPCOT’s Living with the Land Gets Even More Holiday Decorations!

It seems as though Santa has paid an early visit to Disney World! 

EPCOT’s Christmas Tree

As soon as Halloween ended, the parks shifted immediately into full-blown holiday mode, as evidenced by jolly decor in the resorts, the restaurants, and on rides — like one particularly merry Epcot attraction! 

With the abundant holiday decorations throughout the parks, there’s no doubt that Christmastime is really more of a two-month affair around these parts. 

Germany Pavilion

For proof, we were positively dazzled by even more new holiday fixtures strung up along Living with the Land at EPCOT! 

Living with the Land

We already noticed some Christmas lights earlier this month, but on our most recent ride, we spotted a ton of new trinkets, lights, and presents!  Even the fish tanks were lined with green lights to compliment the red light of the room.

Living with the Land Holiday Lights

The jackfruit tree, illuminated with strings of lights, is suddenly looking as festive as the EPCOT Christmas tree! 

Living with the Land Christmas Decor

In case the red and green chili peppers weren’t already holiday-looking enough, the plants have been bedecked with more lights and ornaments! 

Living with the Land Christmas Decor

We were getting some serious present envy from the massive wrapped gifts piled up amidst the plants!

Living With the Land Christmas Decor

The coffee must have been good this year, because they’ve already got lots of goodies to unwrap! 

Living with the Land Christmas Decor

The bougainvillea is suddenly looking like a reindeer Mickey Mouse! 

Living with the Land Christmas Decor

There are giant ornaments that are practically the size of the ride vehicle! 

Living with the Land Christmas Decor

Santa left his mark on the Mickey planters! 

Living with the Land Christmas Decor

Between the presents, the lights, and the humungous ornaments, there really is no place like Disney World for the holidays!

What do you think of this new look for Living with the Land? Let us know in the comments!

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