AllEars TV: Remember That Time Disney Tried to Put a Theme Park On a Boat

We don’t have to tell you Disney makes some INCREDIBLE theme parks, but their ideas aren’t always realized. In fact, some of their most ambitious and wildest theme park designs never get past the concept art phase.
Today, we’re digging into the Imagineering trash bin and salvaging some of their wildest dreams as we Remember That Time that Disney had theme park ideas that were never made!

Click Below to Remember That Time Disney Tried to Make a Floating Theme Park!

What Disney movie do YOU think is a curveball? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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One Reply to “AllEars TV: Remember That Time Disney Tried to Put a Theme Park On a Boat”

  1. These compilation videos are THE BEST! Totally hilarious! That guy with the gumball!!! hahaha! And Molly talking about “Larry” coming up with the floating theme park lol! Somebody PLEASE send Molly to Tokyo Disney Sea! I would be living for those videos! In fact, please send Molly to EVERY Disney Park and let us have a Parkapalooza right along with her! I’ll wait. Oh and wait until she doesn’t have to visit with a mask so we can see her mouth move because her expressions tell the story…along with her crazy lipstick lol