The Smartest Disney Guests Buy These Things Before They Go

Packing for a Disney trip can certainly seem like a daunting task — especially if you’re bringing along kiddos!

Chewbacca signing autographs

And if you’re on a budget, you’ve really got to make sure you have everything you need in order to avoid those inflated Disney prices.

Here are all of the things you should buy before you leave on your Disney trip!

Hand Sanitizer

First up, we’ve got hand sanitizer. This is honestly a necessity in the Disney parks, especially in the current situation. Of course, you’ll be able to find lots of sanitizer dispensers around, but it’s super helpful to have your own just in case.

Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer

Weather Supplies

Let’s talk about weather supplies. So, Disney World is in Florida which can make for some seriously dynamic weather. No matter what park you’re in around the world though, you might want to be prepared for rain. So, yes, please buy that poncho or rain jacket in advance. Trust us, you do not want to shell out the funds for a Disney poncho!


The sun can be just as much of an issue, too, and Disney sun supplies can get pricey. Make sure to stock up on sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, misting fans, cooling towels, or whatever else will keep you cool before heading on your trip.

Check out our weather page here for more tips and information!


Of course, Disney is loaded up with good food so you might be wondering why we’re telling you to pack your own. Sometimes, you just don’t want to pay for every little snack or pick-me-up in the parks.

Chocolate Bars

Your little might reach for those Mickey cheese crackers, and you can save a few bucks with the Goldfish you remembered to buy in advance. Plus, granola bars can really help hold you over until that big dining reservation. If you’re really looking to save, you can even pack a lunch.

Learn more about bringing food into the Parks here.

Discount Gift Cards

This one might not be one you’ve thought of before, but it’s certainly something that could be a big benefit if you buy before your trip. Check out Sam’s Club, Target, and more for Disney gift cards at discounted rates.

Disney Gift Cards

If you can get a small discount on a large gift card worth a hundred dollars or more, you’re looking at some serious and unexpected savings in the parks.

Backup Phone Chargers

Your phone is more important than ever in Disney. With the My Disney Experience app and the Play Disney Parks app, you’ll probably want it on at all times! This means you gotta snag a back-up charger.

FuelRod in Disney

Depending on your usage, you might not be able to make it through a whole Disney day without a recharge of your phone. Pick up a portable charger for your park bag to avoid pulling out your wallet for a pricy charger in the parks.

Souvenirs and Activities for Kids

And finally, the smartest Disney guests know to grab souvenirs and activities for their kids in advance. A great trick to shutting down those “I need its!” is to go in prepared with the things your littles might want.

Autograph Book

If you know your kid is going to have their eye on glow toys, souvenirs, or pins; snag some in advance! Plus, costumes and autograph books can be an integral part of a vacation and much cheaper outside of the parks. Oh, and don’t forget the bubble refills! There’s nothing worse than an empty bubble sprayer.

What do you always make sure to buy before your Disney trip? Tell us in the comments!

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6 Replies to “The Smartest Disney Guests Buy These Things Before They Go”

  1. I do have a question about the fule rod. Is the $30 fee once and done? As in when it’s empty we can exchange for a full?

    1. Exchanges at Disney used to be free, but then Fuel Rod started charging $3 for each exchange, which resulted in a lawsuit and a lot of upset customers. So people who purchased their Fuel Rods before Oct. 26, 2019, were granted “Founders Status,” and they can continue to exchange Fuel Rods at no cost. If you purchased your Fuel Rod after Oct. 26, 2019, you must pay $3 every time you exchange a Fuel Rod. If you only need to get one charge out of your Fuel Rod, you can save money by taking it back to your hotel room and recharging it for the next use.

  2. I always see ponchos on these lists, but we have Disney World ponchos bought at the park over 10 years ago and they’re still great. We’ve used them many times! So maybe don’t feel so bad if you end up buying a Disney poncho!

  3. I brought a hydro flask this past week when I went. I filled it up with ice water at the resort before starting my day. And whenever I went to a QS or TS I would refill. Ice cold water throughout the day. And mine was small enough to carry without being annoying and small enough to fit in the little baskets on the roller coasters.

    1. So you had no problem bringing your hydroflask full into the parks? Hubby and I are big water drinkers and carry ours everywhere….