The Food I Would NEVER Eat Again at Walt Disney World

Food is one of the best parts of any day, and eating Disney World food is usually one of the best parts of a vacation. You may have your favorites spots that you will never waver from, or you might feel adventurous and try something new that you never knew existed.

Mickey Pretzel

Not everything at the Most Magical Place on Earth is going to be on everyone’s must try list, however.

That’s why we reached out on AllEars’ Facebook page to find out what eats you would never scarf down again at Walt Disney World.

Blue and Green Milk

The unequivocal king of this list is the Blue Milk and Green Milk at Milk Stand in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. The plant-based combinations of coconut and rice milk were cited by several readers as fun to try, but once was enough for them.

Plus, it’s too hot in Florida to be walking around drinking milk

Even among the milks it is clear that one version is significantly worse off according to our readers. While some wrote the Blue Milk off as harmless, the Green Milk is the one that most will be staying away from with a ten-foot pole. Reader Megan even says it tastes like grass (yikes).

Pinocchio Village Haus

It may be common to find one thing at a restaurant that may not agree with you, but it’s another thing for a restaurant to completely fail every time. Enter Pinocchio Village Haus, our next contestant on reader comments.

There’s no winners on this game show though

Maryellen and Lori both agreed that every time they’ve been here the food has been less than superb. A cool dining spot above “it’s a small world” can’t save a bland menu it seems. We’ve been known to enjoy some breadsticks dunked in Tomato-Basil Soup here from time to time, but when it comes to our Facebook followers, Pinocchio’s not a real (good) place to dine.

Turkey Legs

Brace yourselves, Disney Parks fans; this next one might send you into system shock. The Turkey Leg is under fire.


Stacking up nearly point for point with Blue and Green Milk in terms of avoidability is not something we would have expected from a parks staple.

Turkey Leg in Magic Kingdom

Angie compared the ton of meat to a salt shaker, while Janice feels they’re over-hyped. Well, Turkey Leg; the people have spoken. (We still think you’re fun and outrageous to eat, though!)

Trouble with Barbecue

You know what they say: good barbecue will be good one day, but bad barbecue will be bad forever. Unfortunately, a few of our readers got the bad barbecue at two different spots during their trips to Disney World.

Flame Tree Barbecue Rib and Chicken Combo Platter

Tish tried the barbecue ribs at Wilderness Lodge (even giving them a second go), and both times they made her feel sick (eek!). On the other side of the World, Audra shared her experience with the ribs and pulled pork of Flame Tree Barbecue that were both summed up as not good. We’re reminding ourselves that taste is subjective… as we cry over a boat of Pulled Pork Cheese Fries (which we consistently love!).

Bread Services

Ah, bread; you’re heavy on the carbs, but easy on the eyes…and stomach. Sometimes, though, bread can be a fickle friend as some of our readers discovered when they tried two opposing bread services at Disney World.

Bread Service from Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Kimberly was hoping that the service at Sanaa would live up to expectations, but she ultimately wasn’t blown away. Conversely, Laurie was hoping that the bread service at Nomad Lounge would be like one at Sanaa, but was disappointed to discover it didn’t hold up. (We’re sorry, carbs! We still love you!)

Share more of your favorite (or not so favorite) dining memories down in the comments below!

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11 Replies to “The Food I Would NEVER Eat Again at Walt Disney World”

  1. We really like Flame Tree BBQ. The pulled pork with Mac and cheese is delicious. We had high hopes for The Regal Eagle in the American pavilion and were very disappointed, will never go there again because there are so many other options.

  2. Haven’t been to Sanaa- have always wanted to go, but tried the “warm Indian bread” at the India F&W booth yesterday where 2 of the dips are from Sanaa and have to say it was horrible. While the bread wasn’t warm, my bigger complaint are the dips which were unappetizing. Makes me think twice about a trip to Sanaa.

    On the other hand, I’ll never again eat the plastic cheese that you can buy with pretzels, anything wrapped in plastic at the Confectionery, or the pizza at Pizzafari/Pizza Rizzo ever again. Everything else is date game though.

  3. I was also very underwhelmed by the ribs at Flame Tree after reading mostly amazing reviews.I will give the place a second chance because it must have been a bad batch but the ribs were overcooked, dry and tasteless….I do however LOVE the blue Milk in all its peculiar coconut thick extravaganza yumminess 😉

  4. Flame Tree Barbecue ribs are my favorite ribs EVER. Geddout. (Also, Pinocchio Haus used to serve these yummy big hot dogs with a huge hot dog fixings bar. I miss that!)

  5. 1. Since 1972 first visit to 2018 my 7th visit, we ride It’s a Small World, and never knew until today there was a Pinnochio Eatery, thank goodness! Disney you have such good food items, what’s up?
    2. Sanaa – The Naan and Dips is Good! The kids Cookie decorating dessert is wonderful. The rest of the dining is taste bud defined, not bad, but not for everyone. But, their breakfast, for sit down dining, a 10, as I recall.

  6. My husband and I tried The Blue Milk in Batuu (Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge)and I ended up finishing his.
    We enjoyed Pinocchio’s Village Haus for the Flatbread and a chance to get out of the rain.
    I have to admit that I would have liked to have eaten at Casey’s Corner or The Plaza Restaurant but due to Covid-19 (and the fact that I was hungry for some form of pizza) we settled on Pinocchio’s.

  7. We have been going to Disney World since 1984. Vacation journals are kept for all our trips. There is an entry in 1984 that says” Never again eat at a place named Pinocchio.” As for chomping on a Turkey Leg in 90 degree weather while strolling through a park, well the less said about that the better.