If the Future of Airplanes Looks Like This, We Can’t Wait to Travel All Around the World!

Airports have been installing different health and safety measures to make sure that passengers and employees are kept safe during their travels.

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While PPE vending machines have been put in the airports and additional measures have been included on flights, the travel industry is likely going to see some major changes later down the line.

CNBC shared a look at the designs a London-based transportation firm called PriestmanGoode created. While airlines have put mask mandates, a new security screening process, and empty middle seats in place for now, PriestmanGoode had re-imagined what safer airplane cabins may look like in the future, after these unprecedented times.

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If the future of travel will look like this, we can’t wait to experience airplanes with more room, UV lights, and comfortable ways of flying.

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Instead of just excluding the middle row of seating, PriestmanGoode recommends staggering rows of seats. This will allow family and friends to sit together apart from other people (and with more leg room, please and thank you!). Each row would have a screen divider between them that would extend from the ceiling to the top of the seat, while the seats would have no seams or cracks for better cleaning.


The seats would also have built-in touchscreens for movies and in-flight announcements with attachments for guests to place tablets, smartphones, and other devices on seat backs.


As an additional health and safety precaution, the in-flight announcements and safety guidelines would be on the back of the seat instead of a high-touch magazine or brochure. Bungee cords would be made available for everyone to fasten their own bags and personal items to the back of the seat instead of placing them in pockets.


When dining and drink options return to airlines, PriestmanGoode thinks that removable tray tables could be put in place that would go from the service carts, to the passenger, and back to the flight attendants for sanitation. The trays would be disinfected each time, instead of using the tray tables from seats in the past.


PriestmanGoode also had the thought that the seat fabric would use use “photochromic and thermochromic ink” that would react to cleaning supplies, heat, and light. The seat would change color again when someone would sit down as well. Airplanes could also use far-UVC light to kill airborne germs and particles in the cabin, where the lights would be blue during the cleaning process and warm yellow when finished.


Guests in business class would also have their own pod, a personal overhead compartment, and a wardrobe for storing items. Curtains would be in place to separate the flying from other people on-board the plane.


Although we know that the airline industry will continue to change to keep everyone safe, we look forward to see the ways that travel to the theme parks and beyond transforms in the future!

Take a look at the new testing center placed in Disney World here!

Where would you travel in these redesigned airplanes? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “If the Future of Airplanes Looks Like This, We Can’t Wait to Travel All Around the World!”

  1. Obviously there isn’t additional room in the seats. I doubt they will make wider planes so the seats will still be crowded and the seats look just like those miserable chairs in an emergency waiting room. No lumbar support and straight back that become miserable after about 5 minutes. If they are going to upgrade everything for cleanliness maybe they could add a few items for comfort. I used to love flying, now I much prefer driving.

  2. Even though those seats don’t look comfortable at all, I do like the idea of less crowded flights but I’m just wondering how big of a hit our pocketbooks are going to take for that extra room? Will this be the end of cheap flights? Am I seeing things right or does it look like there will be no leaning back in coach with these seats?