Disney Releases Information On How to Receive Partial Refunds for Annual Passes Due to Park Closures

Earlier this month, both Disney World and Disneyland released new policies in regards to their Annual Pass programs during the park closures, including issuing partial refunds.

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Today, both websites updated the information on their sites, clarifying with more details on how those with Annual Passes that were paid in full, or are on monthly payments, can receive those partial refunds.

If you are a Disney World Annual Passholder who has paid in full, you can choose to have your pass extended by the number of days the parks is closed, or, as an alternative, you can choose to receive a partial refund. For those looking to receive a partial refund, you may call (407) 939-7277.


For Disney World Annual Passholders on the monthly payment program, you can choose to postpone payments through the park closure period, and then resume them on your regularly scheduled payment date once the parks reopen. The pass will then be extended the number of days the parks are closed. To choose this option, you may call the same number as above, (407) 939-7277.


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The same policy applies for Disneyland, though they have a different number for you to call. To request the alternative option, you may call Disneyland at (714) 781-4567.


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Keep in mind that both Disney World and Disneyland do anticipate high call volume, so wait times likely will be high.

Are you a Disney World or Disneyland Passholder? Let us know in the comments below!

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9 Replies to “Disney Releases Information On How to Receive Partial Refunds for Annual Passes Due to Park Closures”

  1. I have 5 annual passes on the monthly payment plan. First, the passes were never updated for the days the parks were closed. 2nd, I have tried for over a week to call the passholder VIP line and though I call at 8am Est when they open, it will say a 2 minute wait and the longest I have waited was for 3 hours and still no answer. They have recently began charging my credit card without any direction from me. This is very frustrating the say the least. We canceled a trip in May and with Covid increasing it looks like we will be canceling our August trip but because I have no idea how long my expiring passes (August) will be extended, I can’t make a decision to cancel or extend my payments because no one answers the phone. I am trying to be patient but this is ridiculous. Each time I call after 8am the wait time ranges from 160 minutes to 360 minutes and who knows if it is actually true. One Totally Frustrated long time annual pass holder.

    1. I can relate to your frustration. I have 3 annual Florida resident passes on the monthly payment plan. I was charged for the month of June on one of my passes. I was on hold for 2 hours to only be told they couldn’t help me that I had to call
      a different number just for monthly payments. So I called it a few minutes after 8am and had a 74minute wait which turned into an 3 1/2 hr wait then put on hold again for 20minutes. I was told I would receive a refund it’s been 3 weeks still no refund. So aggravating !!!!

  2. We were making payments and chose the extended time once parks reopen. Then Disney announced that the parks would be limited occupancy and by reservation only which are hard parameters to deal with trying to take time to visit. So I called Disney and was told since I made the choice to extend my pass days, I was stuck with it and could not change it. My cc would continue to be billed when parks reopen and that was it. They didn’t care that when my choice was made there were no stipulations and now there are. Kinda sucks coming from a supposedly family friendly Corp.

  3. We are paid-infill annual Passholders for DisneyWorld. We have been unable to make contact through 407-939-7277 for over a week, and we’re getting frustrated. We want a partial refund. Any online option to contact VIP Services?

    1. Hi Ron! Unfortunately it’s been very hard to get in touch through any Disney phone line at the moment. While we have had varying success in getting our questions answered this way, we have found that you can use the chat option on the front page of the site to speak to someone! Just be advised that they are also experiencing very heavy wait times, and unfortunately are not able to provide a callback option at this time.

  4. I want to cancel my annual pass. I signed up in early Feb ‘20 and the park was closed mid-Mar ‘20. I was excited about the park re-opening but I cannot wear a mask, nor is this the same park I signed up for. I have called WDW numerous times to be told I can’t cancel, someone will return my call (no one does) and to be hung up on (I said nothing to warrant that reaction). I am beyond disgusted. The customer service is atrocious. This is going to be Disney’s undoing. I’m not paying for a park I can’t use.

  5. I’m also still waiting for my partial refund. I called around 4/7 and requested the refund of my $200 monthly payment that had been deducted 4/1. News outlets were very quick to put the story out there and it was great PR I’m sure, but has anyone followed up that the refunds were actually happening? It was only about a 3 week window that the refund process affected, I don’t get why it’s taking so long and Disney’s the lack of transparency if these refunds aren’t in their immediate scope.

  6. Where’s the retroactive refund for those that paid in March/early April? Our payment was taken out the 17th of March, but still haven’t gotten our refund! It’s now April 25th and nothing!

  7. I thought to share my experience about calling. I requested a partial refund for the park closure period and to just close out my annual pass. Because the passholder number above is much busier than usual, the system is routing calls to the general reservations helpline. I wondered why the system was asking me for my reservation #, trip dates, etc. After about 18 minutes my call was answered but it was by a reservations support CM. Because she couldn’t help with the refund, I had to be put back onto hold and wait for the passholder support CM. After about another 15 minutes I was reconnected, this time with someone who could help me. Surprisingly, the system won’t allow them to just issue a refund. The CM essentially had to take down my information and put in the request for a refund as an “escalation” support request which requires manual review by a supervisor. She said that I probably won’t hear back until after the parks reopen, and that I likely would receive a call from them about this. This is a bit surprising because based on the information above I would have expected this to already be a more defined, efficient process. But in any event I just wanted to share this here so any others in my situation would know what to expect.