Resort Showdown! Beach Club vs. Yacht Club: Which is Better For Your Family?

Let’s get ready to… calmly analyze two Walt Disney World resorts!  (What? Did you think we were going to rumble? This is Disney, y’all!) The two resorts that are entering our Disney World ring are two Epcot Resort Area favorites that have more than a little in common: the Beach Club Resort and the Yacht Club Resort.

Yacht and Beach Club Resorts on Crescent Lake

Comparing Walt Disney World Resort hotels is trickier than it might seem. While Resorts are comprised of many part — theme, amenities, restaurants, and location — they’re really more than the sum of their parts.

In this case the comparison is even more difficult because the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts are often thought of as one in the same. They share adjacent space in the Epcot Resort Area, and they share some important amenities. And how many times have you heard them called “the Yacht and Beach Club” as if they are one in the same?

Yacht Club Resort from the water
Yacht Club Resort from a Friendship boat on Crescent Lake

So we’re laying out our beach towels on our imaginary yacht to compare and contrast these Deluxe Resorts in an AllEars Resort Showdown!


When you take a look at a map of the Epcot Area Resorts, Beach Club is slightly (minutely) closer to Epcot, but it’s truly just a matter of steps difference. Since their location is essentially identical, it won’t be a deciding factor when looking at these two resorts, unless we need a tiebreaker.


Note that being Epcot Area Resorts mean you can enter that Park via International Gateway and access the Skyliner station that’s there. You are also just steps away from the Friendship Boats that carry guests between Beach Club, Yacht Club, BoardWalk, Swan and Dolphin, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. It’s truly a fabulous location if you plan on spending time at those parks. (Bonus: there’s even a walking path from this area over to Hollywood Studios, giving them walkability to two theme parks!)


Both the Beach Club and the Yacht Club Resorts have a nautical theme. Beach Club is beachier while the Yacht Club is based on a New England- style yacht club. The Beach Club has an actual beach while the Yacht Club has a dock with power boats for rent. You can rent the boats at the Bayside Marina and take them through designated waterways.

Most guests feel the difference in theme is one of mood. Between the two, Yacht Club is a more formal resort than the Beach Club. So if you are a looking for a slightly more relaxed environment, the Beach Club is probably the best option for you. And that makes perfect sense with the themes, as a beach is generally a more relaxed environment than a yacht club.

Beach Club Resort

Though we’re saying Beach Club is more relaxed, it’s still a classy resort with thoughtful design and interesting architectural details. So you’re not losing any of that sense of a Deluxe Resort despite it feeling less stuffy.


Since the two resorts are intricately connected, they share just about all of their amenities. And even those that are enclosed in one of the two resorts remain accessible because you can easily resort hop and take advantage of what you want from either of them. One of the main amenities that they share — and one of the most compelling offerings at these resorts — is the three-acre pool called Stormalong Bay.

Stormalong Bay

It feels wrong even to call this water playground a pool; it’s so much more. Stormalong Bay has a sand-bottomed pool that has artificial currents, a 230-foot long waterslide, a lazy river, three whirlpool spas, a miniature waterslide, and an elevated tanning deck. The large, irresistible waterslide is one of the tallest hotel waterslides at Walt Disney World, and it is arguably the best.

Stormalong Bay

In addition to this massive aquatic experience, there are three separate leisure pools shared between the two resorts. These are quiet all-ages pools, one located closer to Beach Club, another located closer to Yacht Club, and the last near the Beach Club Vacation Villas. Guests staying at either resort can visit any of these three pools as long as they respect the quiet rules.

Beach Club Villa

Both Beach Club and Yacht Club have other similar recreation areas as well. They both have arcades, cabanas for rent, campfires in the evening, fishing in the lake, boat rentals, running trails, tennis, and volleyball. If you’re between the ages of 4 and 12, you can even join Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew. The Pirate Crew activity includes dinner and the full pirate experience, where you learn sea shanties, try out talking like a pirate, and get a pirate nickname. It’s a shame we’re about 20 years too old for this. Dear Disney, please create one of these for adults (and include delicious rum cocktails, too).


So amenities — really shared between the two resorts — are a wash. In a good way, if you’re a guest staying at either resort!


Once again, because the resorts are so close in proximity, dining is a bit of an even playing field. Even when you go to look at a list of dining options at one of the resorts, Disney lists restaurants from both Beach Club and Yacht Club.

Table Service options exist in both resorts. Yacht Club has Ale & Compass Restaurant and Yachtsman Steakhouse, while Beach Club has Cape May Cafe and the favorite Beaches & Cream Soda Shop (which, in truth, is located near Stormalong Bay and is basically central to both resorts). The restaurants at the Yacht Club are more mature options, perhaps, and better suited to adults and older children. Ale & Compass has some great New England seafood dishes, like the Maine Lobster Roll. If you prefer a juicy steak, the signature restaurant Yachtsman Steakhouse is the best option.

Lobster and Corn Chowder at Ale and Compass

The two Table Service options at the Beach Club will cater more toward families with children or the young at heart. Cape May Cafe offers a character meal at breakfast and a seafood buffet at dinner.

Cape May Cafe

The real shining gem is Beaches & Cream Soda Shop where you can get massive ice cream sundaes served in kitchen sinks, because they put everything in them but the kitchen sink. With the classic diner vibe and burgers, sandwiches, and tater tots there are plenty of great savory options to eat before you gorge yourself on gallons of delicious ice cream. Or do what we do, order the kitchen sink and some cheese tots on the side to cut the sweet flavor.

In addition to the great Table Service options, there are classic Quick Service restaurants at both and a few different lounges, too. On the Beach Club side, there is Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar & Grill which serves up frozen rum cocktails, beer, and great poolside snacks like pork nachos and coconut shrimp. Once again this shows the slightly more laid back vibe from the Beach Club. At Yacht Club, Crew Cup Lounge will be your go-to lounge.

If you have younger kids or want a shorted walk to giant ice cream, Beach Club might be better for you. But if you think you’ll be wanting great seafood or a steak dinner every night, then maybe Yacht Club is better suited to your lifestyle.



The layouts and designs of the rooms at these resorts are very similar. Both employ a blue, gray, and brown color scheme. The level of rooms are also equivalent. Both resorts offer a level of comfort and sophistication found at the Deluxe Resort tier.

Beach Club Standard Room ©Disney
Yacht Club Standard Room ©Disney

They both have standard rooms that are $440 a night, but once you get to the higher levels, the Yacht Club’s rooms are a few dollars more expensive. When you get to the Club Level the pricing starts to deviate the most. For example when you look at the Two-Bedroom Suite at Club Level, the Beach Club costs $1,695 a night while at the Yacht Club it costs $1,828 a night. That is over a $100 difference a night. (The interior design style deviates a bit more at this level, too.)

Beach Club Two Bedroom Suite-Club Level ©Disney
Yacht Club Two Bedroom Suite-Club Level ©Disney

Beach Club also has a few suite options above and beyond what the Yacht Club has. They have the Nantucket VP Suite that sleeps two adults and the  Newport Presidential Suite that sleeps up to seven adults. The Beach Club also has the Beach Club Villas, which are Deluxe Villas that include a spacious living space, a full kitchen, fully separate bedrooms, and a washer and dryer. If you want the feel of being in a home and not just a hotel room, then the Villas might be best for your family.

Beach Club Villas

Final Results

Look, we’ve given ourselves an impossible task. The resorts are about even, and the deciding factor depends almost entirely on your tastes and lifestyle. Beach Club may be a better option for families with small children because the dining options are a little more kid friendly. If you are a couple or have older children, the Yacht Club may be slightly better for you with the more mature restaurants and styling.

However, the Beach Club has our vote for the best of the two for a few minor reasons. First, it has Beaches and Cream which is a must-do (plus, who votes against ice cream?!). Second, it has that great poolside bar in Hurricane Hanna’s (which is accessible to guests of either resort using the pool but minutely closer to Beach Club). Finally, it is just those few feet closer to the International Gateway entrance into Epcot. In this case, it’s the small details that give Beach Club the edge.

What do you think: Beach Club or Yacht Club? Let us know in the comments.

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6 Replies to “Resort Showdown! Beach Club vs. Yacht Club: Which is Better For Your Family?”

  1. We have stayed at both the Yacht Club and
    Beach Club because my husband often has conferences there. The biggest difference between the rooms that nobody seems to be talking about is the bathrooms. As a mom who has traveled with 4 young children, the Yacht Club bathroom is much better because the double sinks have their own space, and the toilet and shower are in a separate room off of the sink area. It’s way easier for multiple people to get ready. At the Beach Club, the two sinks are in the same space as the toilet and shower, and it’s awkward to open and shut the door to get in to use the sinks if someone is on the toilet. It’s much more cramped. The quick service options also worked for our kids at the Yacht Club and Ale & Compass satisfied everyone as well for both lunch and dinner. Beaches and Cream is a hard to get ADR, but it’s right in the middle between the two resorts so I wouldn’t base my choice on that. I also liked where Yacht Club has access into the pool area compared to the Beach Club. Lastly, the walk to the boat launch for Hollywood Studios is closer, so that makes up for the slightly longer walk to Epcot.

  2. We stayed at Beach Club last December and were very happy with the hotel. However, my 14 y.o. daughter & I had breakfast at Ale & Compass one morning. She looked around the lobby and asked me; “Why aren’t we staying here?!”. The hotel was beautiful and quite which gives it a big edge over Beach Club. The lobby at Beach Club was always crowded and noisy but Yacht was relaxing. I’m planning our next trip for Yacht Club for sutey

  3. We’ve stayed multiple times at both. We like Yacht Club because the Quick Service restaurant has seating that Beach Club lacks. Yet, we like Beach Club better because it is a little closer to Epcot and easier for the grandkids to get to the water park.

  4. Stayed many times at both hotels. Beach Club used to have it over Yacht because of the market place and the food available there. Now that Yacht has upped the game, their food selections are equal to or better than the Beach Club. Yacht also has more unique merchandise, though a smaller selection.

    Either is a great choice. My personal favorite luxury resorts. (French Quarter is my favorite moderate resort.)

    Staff has always been extraordinary.

  5. I’ve been to both resorts and love them both. To me, the Yacht Club wins because you will always get a balcony in a Yacht Club room and not in a Beach Club room. Only some of the Beach Club rooms have one. Also to say Hurricane Hanna’s or Beaches and Cream belong to the Beach Club is misleading. They are both next to the pool and not closer to either resort. The lobby in the Yacht Club is much quieter and that is very much appreciated after a long day at the parks. I always try for a Yacht Club room first. If that isn’t available then the Beach Club works too.