‘Turner and Hooch’ Is Getting Rebooted for a New Disney+ Series!

“This is the worst assignment ever…”

“‘Is it because dog completely destroyed your house?”

“No, it’s because it’s a little humid… YES BECAUSE THE DOG DESTROYED MY HOUSE!”

I’ll give a No-Prize to everyone who understood that reference. ©Disney

Classic buddy cop comedy Turner and Hooch is back with a new series on Disney+, starring Drake & Josh alum Josh Peck as the ambitious U.S. Marshall whose life is turned upside down by an unruly, yet lovable dog.

The reboot will take the form of a twelve episode series on Disney+, with Peck starring as U.S. Marshall Scott Turner, the role made famous by Tom Hanks.

Unfortunately, he seems to be more of a cat person. ©Josh Peck

After Turner’s long-time friend Amos is murdered, the Marshall finds himself the sole guardian of Hooch, a large and unruly dog who happens to be the sole witness to Amos’s murder. Together, the two embark on an adventure to solve the case as Turner finds out the pet he never wanted might just be the partner he needs.

Josh Peck ©Storm Santos

This isn’t the first time Turner and Hooch was optioned for a series. In 1990, just one year after the film’s original release, a pilot movie was aired as part of The Magical World of Disney anthology series on ABC, even going so far as to retcon the film’s controversial ending to allow for further adventures with the heroic hound. Unfortunately, the pilot was poorly received and the concept was abandoned. Will Disney+ be the perfect medium to bring back this classic property?

We’ll have more information on the reboot as it develops, so be sure to stay tuned to All Ears for more updates. Oh, and pet your pup. They deserve it!

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