Resort Construction Update: Pop Century’s Pool Is Still Closed, and the Lobby Building is Undergoing Some Ch-Ch-Changes!

Last week we spotted a bunch of construction going on over at Pop Century Resort in Disney World. Remember the major bummer? The Hippy Dippy Pool is closed!

Pop Century Resort

We stopped by again this week to see how everything was progressing!

Hippy Dippy Pool

Well, that is certainly one empty pool!

Hippy Dippy Pool

As you can see above and in the pictures below, Hippy Dippy Pool remains drained right now. We saw several construction workers making repairs to the pool floor, so hopefully progress is coming along smoothly.

Hippy Dippy Pool

This is definitely the grooviest Disney Resort, so we’re bummed that there’s no swimming going on. At least the weather has been super chilly! We’re guessing this refurb is likely purposefully being done during the cooler months so it can be back open for warmer days later in the year!

Hippy Dippy Pool

Lobby Building

And the mysterious lobby extension continues! The new awning appears to be making some progress as we’re now seeing some finishing touches on the pillars.

Lobby Building

Still not sure what this awning will protect (honestly, we’re still crossing our fingers in hope for an epic tie-dye station!), but hopefully it’ll make guest experiences even more smooth when it comes to staying at Pop Century.

Lobby Building

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress over at the Resort of the Decades so check back with us for any updates!

Are you going to be staying at Pop Century for your Disney vacation this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 Replies to “Resort Construction Update: Pop Century’s Pool Is Still Closed, and the Lobby Building is Undergoing Some Ch-Ch-Changes!”

  1. We’re coming in May 30. Part of a group of about 50 staying there for a wedding. They assured me the pool would be open before we checked in. We have a Lotta kids and the pool is a major sanctuary for us.

  2. Bringing a group on a senior trip first week of June and hoping pool and lobby will be smiling back at us finished.

  3. 36 days until our stay at Pop Century. We’ll have a great time no matter what, but a Disney miracle that opens the Hippy Dippy Pool would be great!

  4. We will be there in early April! The cast member who booked our reservation told us the pool is scheduled to reopen April 6th!

  5. We will be staying at the end of April. This is a surprise trip for my granddaughters, 4 & 2, their first trip to Disney. They will be finding out at Easter. I am very excited, my first trip and I am 52.

  6. Staying here in 41 days 🙂 hoping it won’t be too chaotic with construction. Hoping to get 50s area by pool