Nine Questions we NEED Answers to when “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” opens December 20th.

It’s ALMOST HERE! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is opening on December 20th, and everyone has questions — even Frozen‘s Olaf, well at least his voice, Josh Gad!

Here are nine of the biggest questions we need answers to when the film drops on December 20th.

Seriously, who are Rey’s parents?!

We NEED TO KNOW ©Lucasfilm

This one was ostensibly going to be answered in The Last Jedi, but… sort of wasn’t? The official answer was that Rey’s parents were just a pair of salvagers who sold her for booze money, but that answer came from the lips of series’ villain Kylo Ren. It was, at least at the time, meant to imply that Rey was just… Rey, but how would Kylo Ren of all people know who her parents were? Is he hiding something? What did that strange force vision mean? Is Rey a clone? An immaculate force baby like Anakin Skywalker? We need to know!

What’s with Dark Side Rey?

Red is never a good color in Star Wars… ©Lucasfilm

One of the most shocking images in the trailer was Rey wielding a red lightsaber and wearing a set of robes that look suspiciously Sith-y. Why? Is this just a force vision, like when Luke saw his own head in Darth Vader’s helmet in that cave on Dagobah? Does Rey fall to the dark side? Get possessed by the ghost of Palpatine? Is this an evil clone? They can’t have the trilogy’s protagonist turn evil right at the end… right?

How does Palpatine play into this anyway?

DEW IT. ©Lucasfilm

The Emperor is supposedly dead. He was thrown down a shaft in the second Death Star, which promptly exploded as Death Stars tend to do. So how, exactly, does he play into the new film? Is he actually influencing the plot as an active entity, or is it just ripples of a plan he set up long ago? One thing of note is that while Jedi can leave behind ghosts in the force, like Obi Wan and Yoda, this is a relatively new ability for them. Sith can also linger after death in some stories, but it takes on a much more sinister form.

What was Snoke’s deal?

Seriously, who are you? What are you? WHY ARE YOU? ©Lucasfilm

Speaking of wrinkly old men, we don’t know anything about Snoke. Who is he really? Why did he take over the First Order? Why make a Force Link between Rey and Kylo? He just appeared as an ominous figure in The Force Awakens only to get bisected when we finally see him. There’s got to be something more to this guy than just “the person Kylo kills to become the main villain”.

We also have so many questions about Kylo…

No one ever confirmed if he actually does have a six pac… ©Lucasfilm

Is he the “Skywalker” that rises in the title? Aside from Leia, he’s the only living Skywalker that we know of, and Carrie Fisher’s passing makes it difficult to shoot any major reveals involving her. We also don’t know anything about his Knights of Ren, or why he’s so powerful that it scared Luke into nearly killing him. There’s also the question of his ultimate fate… will he fully fall into darkness, or will that lingering shard of light we’ve been hearing about give him a Vader-esque redemption scene? Because… you know, he’s probably going to die. That’s a given. Let’s not kid ourselves. I’d be genuinely shocked if he lived.

Who even is the Skywalker in the title?

Seriously, how many of you guys are left? ©Empire

Like I said before, there are only two living Skywalkers left that we know of. Kylo Ren (the villain), and General Leia. In terms of ghosts we have a few more options, including Luke (who died in The Last Jedi) and Anakin (who was reborn as a force ghost in Return of the Jedi). Is it Kylo? Leia? One of the ghosts? Is Rey the secret love child of Luke and Mara Jade, who will be returned to the main canon in a shocking reveal? So many questions…

What’s going to happen to C-3PO?

He doesn’t really do much but I’ve gotten attached. ©Lucasfilm

C-3PO has a scene in the trailer that makes it seem like he’s going to end up in the big trash heap in the sky. What prompts that line? Are they going to kill off one of the franchise’s most iconic characters in the final entry of the saga? Is he finally going to play a major role? Who will nag Artoo when he’s gone?!

Who is going to die?

I don’t know if my heart could take it. ©Lucasfilm

Disney hasn’t been shy about killing off major characters. Han is dead. Luke is dead. Admiral Ackbar is dead. I nearly had a heart attack when Leia was launched into the vacuum of space. This is the final entry in the series… in the saga. No sequels are planned, which means anyone is fair game. We already talked about C-3P0 and Kylo Ren potentially dying, but who else is on the chopping block? Chewie? Lando? Rose? Poe? Artoo?! BB-8?! I can’t handle the pressure.

What will happen to the Resistance and the First Order?

They rose, but are they going to fall…? ©Lucasfilm

The Resistance wasn’t doing so hot at the end of The Last Jedi, and the First Order is only growing more powerful. We can only hope the good guys come out on top but… how? These are the two major forces in the galaxy. The latest iteration of a conflict that has been raging for years. How is this going to end, and what will the galaxy look like when it does? Will there be a new, new republic? Will the First Order continue to linger in the shadows? Will there even be anything left?

Right… calm down… look at Baby Yoda. It’ll be alright. ©Lucasfilm

We’ll have to wait until December 20th for the answers, I suppose. Meanwhile, don’t forget to stay tuned to All Ears for our special Star Wars coverage! You can pick up your tickets for The Rise of Skywalker here.

Let us know what questions you want answered most in The Rise of Skywalker. May the Force be with you, always.

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