Diney World’s New Riviera Resort will Feature Mosaic Murals that Showcase Disney Storytelling

Disney just released a sneak peek of some of the artistic elements being presented at Riviera Resort.

Riviera Resort

We’ve slowly but surely been learning more details about the much-anticipated Riviera Resort opening to guests on December 16. Today we got a first look at an architectural piece that’s going up at the new resort.

A walkway tunnel at the resort will be accented by two mosaic murals that celebrate European tales.


One of the mosaics will depict a scene from Disney’s Peter Pan, complete with flying pirate ship. The mosaic was hand-laid with over 500,000 hand-cut tiles.


The other side of the mosaic will feature a different Disney story that has yet to be announced. Both pieces will be 20 feet tall and are connected to one another across the arched ceiling with a joint sky.


These mosaics are expected to show off Disney craftsmanship and storytelling.

What story do you think will be represented in the other mosaic? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “Diney World’s New Riviera Resort will Feature Mosaic Murals that Showcase Disney Storytelling”

  1. Does anyone know if the Riviera Resort building has had the outside painting completed? We just Skylined by there the other day. The paintbcolor is a drab gray, which hardly speaks of the Riviera.